SHADOWGUN: DeadZone – Update (2.6.0) Is Released After Half A Year of Silence!

Surely, you are familiar with Shadowgun: DeadZone [Free], one of the earliest best-looking online third person shooter to come to mobile. Believe it or not, this gorgeous game was released in 2012, and yet competes with and tops many recent online shooting games. It’s one of the few games we have not stopped playing for the last 3 years. Madfinger Games, the company behind the Dead Trigger titles, has been supporting this game constantly. However, in the last 7 months we have seen a period of silence and the game was not updated at all. Not to worry though, the game was not abandoned and has just received a new update (2.6.0).

With the latest update, the developers have added a Cheat Police system where selected players will be able to report suspicious players who may be cheating. This puts players on the front line against hackers. Also, now you can easily invite your friends with the new Friend list functionality that has been improved. Those who have been complaining about lag, now you can experience better gameplays with the new ”Nearby servers only” option found in the Find Game settings, which restricts matchmaking to local servers.

In addition, there has been tweaks done to the Ammo kit and the Med kit where the lifetime of these items has bee been significantly decreased. All rocket launchers and sniper rifles have been tweaked as well and will no longer recharge with Ammo kits. Furthermore, localized texts have been added and font readability are now improved for all Asian languages. And of course, there has been dozens of minor improvements and bug fixes that will improve the overall experience.

Finally, now the game supports iOS 9 and newer devices that have been released. If you have never heard of Shadowgun: DeadZone, then we very much urge you to check it out because it is one of the earliest visually stunning games ever released. For you who have been waiting for an update or a sign of life from this Unity-powered game, then here it is and it’s available for iOS & Android, so enjoy! You can watch the official trailer for this game below.

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