Clash of Clans – Town Hall 11 Update & Level 9 Wizard Tower and Laboratory! (Part #4)

We continue seeking knowledge about the upcoming Clash of Clans [Free] update. Now that we hit December, we are getting pretty close to witness the greatest changes taking place in this game’s history. With today’s sneak peek, we learned that Town Hall 11 upgrades, along with the elixir and gold storages, will max out at Level 12. The maxed out storages appear to offer better security for loot. It appears that if you combine all the resources together, including the Town Hall, you will receive a maximum capacity of 10 million elixir and 10 million gold, in comparison to the previous maximum number of 8 million.

New information has revealed that the new Laboratory and Wizard Tower will go up to Level 9 post-update. We definitely see the game expand, even in its map area. This explains why the attack time will also increase by 30 seconds. Donations will become possible wherein you can donate one Dark Spell to your clan members. In addition, you will receive a sound notification after being in the Clouds for over 1 minute while searching for an opponent. And if you don’t find a village to attack, you will also receive a sound notification and the possibility to tap on ‘Retry.’

That is just a sneak peek of more to come, of course. Stay tuned with our website for the latest information on Town Hall 11 update. If you missed out on our previous articles about the update, then you can find the links for the articles below. The update is expected to be released in early December, so be patient clashers!

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