FNAF World – New In-Game Images Emerge!

Its been a while since we last heard about FNAF World, Scott Cawthon’s RPG take on the popular horror franchise, Five Nights At Freddy’s. Today we have screenshots from the game-in-development that will give you an idea of how it will look like. You will see that there are familiar faces from the Five Nights At Freddy’s universe in the images which is quite interesting.

You will see new faces in the images as well such as Ballboy, the first foe character in the image with the trio. Ballboy has appeared in the FNAF World troll game which Scott posted before the Five Nights At Freddy’s Halloween update. Interestingly, the image shows that one attack is called ”Esc Key” which comes across as strange, but we look forward to see what it’s all about.

Then we see Chop ‘N Roll enemy characters which seem to be inspired from Cawthon’s previous title, Chipper and Sons Lumber Co. From what we can see, you will be able to rotate between 2 parties of 4 characters that unlock as the game progresses. Then there is a chip mechanic taken from Cawthon’s first RPG title, The Desolate Hope. Chips will be utilized to gain advantages as you play and there is a skill tree which allows for plenty of options.

It is very clear that the FNAF characters greatly hold a sentimental value to Scott as well as to the fans; and that explains why he wants to use these characters for his next game. The original characters will be revamped into ”adventure characters,” but the collection will include characters from the classic, withered, toy, phantom, and nightmare versions. There are at least 40 friendly faces in this game and we might be surprised with even more in the upcoming game. FNAF World will be available for PC, iOS, & Android devices in 2016. You can check the rest of the screenshots from FNAF World below.

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