Monument Valley – Now Available For Free On The App Store!

Monument Valley has been for a long time a premium game with a price of $3.99, which is the price of the game on Google Play at the moment. However, the multi-award winning puzzle game is now available for free on the App Store. Developed by Ustwo and first released in April 2014, Monument Valley has been an attractive puzzle game on mobile, winning awards from right and left, such as the prestigious Apple iPad Game of 2014.

In Monument Valley, you play as Princess Ida and make your way through numerous mazes of optical illusions by manipulating impossible architecture. The world’s design is inspired by minimalist 3D design and is presented in an isometric view so that you can uncover secret passages. We recommend that you play the game with headphones to experience the beautiful sound effects provided in the game.

Finally, we urge you to grab this title while it’s free because this wont last for long. You will enjoy the calm and colorful experience in the gradually evolving puzzles of Monument Valley. Also, there is a camera mode available where you can roam the level to grab screenshots of your gameplay and share on Instagram. You can check the release trailer for this game below.


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