Aralon: Forge and Flame – Crescent Moon Games’ Open World RPG (Out Now)

Finally, Crescent Moon Games has released their wonderful open world RPG sequel, Aralon: Forge & Flame [$4.99]. The game has turned out to be very ambitious and is a very likely candidate for the top 5 RPG games of 2015. It offers a massive open world experience where you can view your character from the first person or third person perspective.

The story behind Aralon: Forge and Flame takes you back 300 years ago, in a time where Emperor Thalos ruled an empire stretching from the Eastern Sea to the North Frozen Wastelands. The Emperor feared of dying and used magic to extend his lifespan. But sensing that death was at his doorsteps again, he wanted to seek the Well of Life in order to become immortal. Having reached there, he attempted to draw magic from the Well of Life, and in the process the earth trembled, the seas rose, and the face of the world was reshaped. Following this dramatic event, Thalos vanished and was a legend told by old and young.

After 3 centuries passed, living beings from all races have worked together to rebuild the world to what it once was. Elves, Humans, and Trolls forged a pact so that the Kingdom of Aralon will prosper like before. But out of oblivion comes a shadow over the fragile land, and war has become on the brink of reality. You become the only hope in restoring Aralon’s strength and casting the shadow once and for all.

Unlike its predecessor, this new title features a much larger and meticulous world. The game provides over 30 hours of gameplay with a beautiful adventure to experience. 4 character classes are available and character appearance is customizable. The three races of choice are Humans, Elves, and Trolls. So it is interesting to fight for Aralon from different perspectives. You can mount horses and other creatures to fast travel throughout the kingdom which is always helpful instead of walking days from land to land.

Finally, this game has been much anticipated by RPG fans and we can assure you that the developers have done a wonderful job on this game, just like they have on Ravensword and Exiles. From the creators of the best RPG titles on mobile, you get Aralon: Forge and Flame, a game well worth what you are paying for. It is now available for iOS and Android devices. You can watch the official launch trailer for this game below.

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