Batman: A Telltale Games Series – Coming 2016

We weren’t surprised when Telltale Games created interactive series’ about TV shows, but now that we learned of Batman: A Telltale Games Series, we were shocked – in a good way, of course! It’s true, they have announced that next year they will be making a whole Batman series that explores the persona of Bruce Wayne, the mysterious Billionaire, and his secret identity, Batman. In the series you will learn how complex it is to live a double life, living as a human while trying to protect the city you love as a hero.

In collaboration with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, Telltale Games will be releasing this iconic game in 2016. Like other Telltale titles, it will be an episodic game series for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, PS, and Xbox. We are excited to see how Batman will turn out to be. It is of certainty that we will not be disappointed considering all the successful games that they have released throughout the years.

Finally, they have added that there will be a full announcement teaser trailer to be released in later weeks. Stay tuned with our website to inform you once it’s available. It will be interesting to know which voice actors will act, what writers will write the plot, and what visual style will the game take. For now, you can watch the World Premiere of Batman: A Telltale Games Series below.

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