Vainglory: Kestrel Update (1.12) – New Hero, Skin, & Performance Improvements (Out Now)

The Kestrel Update (1.12) for Vainglory [Free] is finally here and there are many things to discuss, so fasten your seat belts. We barely got bored of Blackfeather and here we find ourselves with a whole new Vainglory hero, Kestrel, the Stormguard Archer. She comes from an elite warrior force by the name of Stormguard, the same group that Catherine belongs to. The advantage that Kestrel has is her long-range combat. While building weapon, she sustains damage and utilizes her stealth power to tactically fight enemies that come closer than needed. When building crystal, she can stay in stealth mode for longer periods and gives her more time to attack fiercely. Being in lane gives her great advantage due to her being protected by the turret and her ability to attack enemies from distance.

Let us take a look at the fascinating abilities that new Hero Kestrel has:

  • Adrenaline – Kestrel’s hero perk increases her attack speed and decreases energy costs on her abilities whenever she lands a basic attack. This stacks up to 5 times but falls off swiftly if basic attacks stop.
  • Glimmershot – Being an elite archer, Kestrel fires a skillshot arrow which impacts the first target in a line, dealing weapon and crystal damage, while applying on-hit effects. Several arrows are kept in reserve for successive shots. After a period of time without using her bow, the arrows reload automatically. Reload time is decreased based on attack speed.
  • Active Camo – Kestrel becomes invisible for a brief amount of time and gains bonus movement speed. Following its activation, Kestrel leaves behind a mist invisible to enemies at the location where stealth was activated. If an enemy comes into the mist and is attacked by Kestrel, the mist will detonate causing great crystal damage while stunning the enemy for a short period of time. Kestrel’s basic attacks decrease the cooldown of Active Camo. However, Active Camo can’t be activated when Kestrel is getting damage from an enemy, thus, putting it on cooldown. Bonus weapon power decreases the length of time which Active Camo remains disabled.
  • One Shot One Kill – Following her preparation for an energy scope shot, she unleashes an arrow that immediately pierces across the Fold. This ultimate attack deals weapon and crystal damage to the first enemy hero it hits, large creature, or structure in its way. When it hits an enemy hero, it reveals that hero and gives Kestrel full Adrenaline stacks. In return, this impacts non-heroes with less damage. The base damage done by this attack is weapon damage. So higher ranks of this attack gains armor piercing ability.

Kestrel looks like a powerful long-range hero. According to the designer, Ciderhelm, the goal behind Kestrel was to deliver a hero that can be a powerful weapon & crystal fighter. In regards to weapon, the idea is to create Kestrel into a predator that can use stealth to come near targets and attack with full damage. While when building her with crystal, the idea is to benefit from longer periods of stealth which allows her to trap as much enemy heroes as possible and attacking them with long-range powerful attacks.

Furthermore, there is a new limited-edition skin that is now available. This one actually looks adorable, which is strange to say about the wild and mighty Fortress. Had he heard me say that, he would’ve surely bit me to pieces. The Gift-wrapped Holiday Fortress skin can be obtained from the Market using ICE and is available for a limited time only.

Also, there have been performance improvements that fix match notifications, network connectivity, chat performance, friend requests, and server stability. The game is now installed with smaller app file size for iOS and Android. In addition, Android users have also got major improvements, such as the ability to install Vainglory on SD Card. Other improvements include problematic UI theme has been fixed and graphics look better on late Android devices.

Finally, a lot of bugs were fixed within the game. Now, Koshka’s Yummy Catnip Frenzy won’t be activated .1 seconds earlier than expected, which made it harder to Reflex Block. Blackfeather no longer charges to other places when targeting turrets. Skye will no longer permanently gain vision of Petal munions that she would lock onto. The multiple identical guild tags bug in the Rewards ladder has been fixed and deleted guilds will no longer mess the Guilds section’s user interface. This update looks great and we are grateful for SEMC’s hard work. You can check Kestrel’s Spotlight video below.

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