Happy Wheels: New Update (1.0.3) Brings Irresponsible Dad & 5 Levels To The Gory Accident Simulator!

The gory physics-based simulator, Happy Wheels [Free], is an addictive experience that you will keep returning to just to see broken limbs, shattered bones, and decapitated heads. Yes, it sounds brutal, that’s because it is – but in a fun way. It reminds us a lot of Turbo Dismount yet seems to have its own identity with its challenging platformer levels. This game was ported to mobile after it gained a lot of popularity on PC. How could it not with its bone-breaking and blood-spilling sound effects?

The game offers different type of characters to play with, such as the Business Guy, Irresponsible Dad, Wheelchair Guy, Effective Shopper, Moped Couple, and Pogo Stick Guy. When Happy Wheels came to mobile we only could play with Business Guy. But just today, they released a new update that gives you access to the Irresponsible Dad along with 5 barbaric levels. The fun thing about the new content is that you control the dad and his son as you venture on a bicycle into your inevitable death.

We definitely think that you should try this game if you haven’t. It has an in-game recording feature where you can save your best and brutal gameplays. In addition, there is a level editor where you can create your own level, which can be quite cool. Happy Wheels has been very successful on the mobile platform and has topped the App Store’s Free Games section.

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