Her Story: Award-Winning FMV Title Goes On Sale!

Her Story is a mystery-oriented Full Motion Video game that was initially released in June, 2015 on iOS and PC. It was directed and written by Sam Barlow, the creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. So we can connect the dots as to where does Her Story get its thriller elements from. This game presents an authentic police investigation where you play as a detective trying to solve a murder case. Previously, this game was priced at $4.99, and for the first time ever it has gone down to $1.99!

Why you should get this game, is not only because of this dramatic price drop but also because this title is the best of its genre. You will not find a FMV game with its genuine presentation of human emotions and investigation theme like that. But to give you a better idea about what you are paying for, click here to read our full review of the game which got 9.8/10, a very high score that is well-deserved.

Not only that, The Time Magazine has recognized this game for its success and novelty. So it was quite well received by critics, fans, and 3rd party media outlets. We can assure you that it is something you have never experienced before and at this low price it is only unfortunate to miss out on it. Make sure to check the trailer for this game below.

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