World of Tanks Blitz: Update 2.4 Brings New Japanese Tanks & A New Map – Out Now has released Update 2.4 for World of Tanks Blitz [Free]! That is what you guys have been waiting for, so update your game if you haven’t. The game has been garnering millions of players non-stop due to the constant support its getting from Wargaming. The new update brings a whole new line of Japanese tanks to combat with. The tanks consist of 10 Medium Tanks and 3 Light Tanks, which are good at medium to long range battles.

Type 4: Chi-To Tank (One of the Japanese Tanks coming in Update 2.4)

In addition, there is a new map coming called Himmelsdorf, the winter city destroyed by war. You will notice destroyed tanks, and shelled buildings as you make your way throughout the Himmelsdorf. The visuals look amazing and we are very excited to test our tanks in this map. In addition, the map Lost Temple has been redesigned with more buildings and bridges added, and with a much brighter and sunnier lighting.

Himmelsdorf Map (The war-torn winter city coming in Update 2.4)

Finally, we believe Update 2.4 to be a big one considering all that they have introduced. On top of the new tanks, new map, and a redesigned map; there has been balance changes that will affect the 42 low-tier tanks and other tanks within the game. And previous bugs that were reported are now fixed. You can check a GIF image of Lost Temple Map’s redesign below.

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