Clash of Clans: Summary of the Town Hall 11 Update – Out Now

It’s out! Town Hall 11 Update for Clash of Clans is finally out! This is the biggest update in this title’s history and these dramatical changes may have transformed the game into something better or probably rendered it broken. Only time will tell, it still needs to be experienced on a massive scale. Nevertheless, let us take a look at what has changed and we will try to summarize everything that was discussed in previous sneak peeks.

Now, your Town Hall will act like a storage and when it is destroyed, you will no longer be provided with a Shield. However, you can attack when shielded which, in return, decreases your shield time. So if you attack a base while being under a 12 hour Shield, your Shield will decrease from 12 hours to 9 hours. If you attack again, 4 hours will be deducted from your Shield, and the third attack will deduct 5 hours from your Shield.

In addition, searching for bases while shielded will no longer break your Shield. Additionally, you no longer get shielded based on stars won, but instead you get it on how much damage is done. When 30% of your base is destroyed, you get a 12 hour Shield; when 60% of your base is destroyed, you get a 14 hour Shield; and when 90% of your base is destroyed, you get a 16 hour Shield. Furthermore, no Shield is given to you if the attacker does not deploy more than 50% of his full army.

The Village Map has been expanded in size and attack time increased by 30 seconds. Surprisingy, donations have become possible wherein you can donate one Dark Spell to your clan members. Moreover, you will receive a sound notification after being in the Clouds for over 1 minute while searching for an opponent. And if you don’t find a village to attack, you will also receive a sound notification and the possibility to tap on ‘Retry.’  To make things better, a new Laboratory has been introduced and the Wizard Tower will go up to Level 9 now.

Let’s not forget about the Eagle Artillery Defense which has 2 levels in total. It almost has unlimited range, meaning that it can be placed anywhere within the central areas of the base. Its weakness is that it has 6 tile radius blind spot surrounding it, which makes it vulnerable when troops get too close to it. It also doesn’t get activated unless a specific number of enemies enter the screen. It definitely is a powerful defensive weapon but can be slow.

New to the scenes is The Village Guard, which acts as a short term defense when your proper Shield is down. During the time in which the Village Guard is active, your village pretends as if you are online even though you are offline. Players can openly attack through the Village Guard with no repercussions. When the standard Shield is deactivated, the free Village Guard Shield is activated automatically and lasts from 15 minutes to 3 hours long depending on League. There is also a forced offline feature implemented. Every 3 hours of continuous activity or Village Guard protection, you will be forced to go offline for six minutes, in which you are vulnerable for attack. But if you buy an extra Village Guard for 2 more hours, then you will stay online for 2 hours more.

The Town Hall has become a main loot target because loot will be distributed to the Town Hall in addition to storages. Town Halls contain a share of loot that is equal to one Gold Storage, one Elixir Storage, & 1/4 Dark Elixir Storage. In fact, the aforementioned storages increase by Town Hall Level. Additionally, the attacker cannot loot the Town Hall unless it is entirely destroyed.

Getting to League Bonuses, all League Bonuses have been dramatically increased, and are now progressive from 0 to 100% based on destruction percentage of a triumphant attack. A 100% League Bonus is earned at 70% base destruction. Therefore, you need to destroy as much as possible to earn higher League Bonus. Also, high-level Trophy offers have been rebalanced with high-level players gaining more Trophies from attacks and losing less from defense. In regards to Trophy offers, high-level clashers will be gaining more Trophies from attacking and losing less from defending.

With the Town Hall 11, you will now get 8 Archer Towers, 7 Cannons, 5 Wizard Towers, and 4 X-Bows. Clearly, these are space-requiring constructs and have contributed to the decision of expanding the village map. An interesting move by Supercell is that now Town Hall 9 will be able to unlock the Level 1 Freeze Spell which seems to be a game-changing spell that is expected to change the meta.

Finally, you will see the new Level 7 Minions which look superb and the Level 3 Witch will be able to summon 5 instead of 4 skeletons at a time with the max present at 10 rather than 8. But the biggest surprise of all is the new hero, The Grand Warden!

The Grand Warden’s abilities are pretty powerful and make him unique from other heroes we have seen so far. Let’s take a look at his abilities:

  • Life Aura – After deploying him, his passive ability is visible as an orange circle surrounding him. With this ability, troops within the aura receive an HP boost and if they exit, it goes away.
  • Eternal Tome – This active ability renders troops within his aura as temporarily invincible, including himself.

In defense mode, The Grand Warden transforms into a statue, which he can do while on ground and in air. Once he turns into a statue, Heroes, troops, and skeletons are boosted by his Life Aura – which empowers your base’ defense. On top of that, his Eternal Tome ability will prove resourceful during defense as well. This all certainly sounds like a lot to take but it’s time to enjoy what we have been anticipating for so long. You can watch the video below for a general look at Town Hall 11 update.


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