Minecraft: Story Mode – A Block and a Hard Place (Episode 4) Coming This December

For some strange reason, it felt like we haven’t written about Minecraft: Story Mode for a while now. Perhaps the influx of Clash of Clans articles kept us distracted. There wasn’t anything announced anyway – until now. Telltale Games has confirmed that Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place will be released this December for all platforms! So that is great news. Naturally, this leaves the fifth and final episode for early 2016.

Doing our best not to spoil the story, but Episode 4 will ”bring one story to a close…” as Telltale put it. It is rather impressive how Telltale has managed to release all the episodes in a short period of time, considering all the big titles they are working on such as The Walking Dead: Michonne, Batman, and Game of Thrones: Season Two. Of course, we are not complaining.

We do congratulate Telltale Games for the marvelous work they are doing for mobile gamers. Their titles are certainly the best interactive games we have, and Minecraft: Story Mode is just as impressive. In fact, if you haven’t checked it out, you should get it. You can check the original trailer for the game below.

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