Grand Theft Auto: Libery City Stories – Coming This December?

There is this tradition where Rockstar Games Company ports one of their titles to mobile around the end of each year. So far they have brought Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Max Payne. These classic titles happen to carry childhood memories for most of us. But the question is, what will Rockstar Games release this December?

It was unlikely that they would release Grand Theft Auto V due to its massive size, at least now is not the right time for it to be ported to mobile, not that we don’t want it. But what happens to be the best candidate for the moment is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Initially released in 2005 to the PSP, this title was one of the best games of that period. It featured single-player and multiplayer modes. The online multiplayer included 7 modes and allowed a maximum of 6 players to wreak havoc across the city. So getting this game on mobile would be amazing.

Now, there is evidence supporting the fact that it’s coming to mobile. If you go to the PEGI database and search the game’s name you will get proof that it has been rated by PEGI and given a release date for the mobile platform (likely to be iOS & Android). Although we provided a picture for you to see, we want you to see for yourself, just click here. The strange thing is that the release date is set for December 10th! We assure you that we searched the App Store far and wide and we did not find the game yet, but it is likely to be available from today until December 22nd (the date for iTunes shutdown). Of course, it will be an exhausting process for you to keep searching for it until then, so let us do this hard work for you, and we promise to announce it on our website once we find the game.

Is there a possibility that it will not be released this month? It is possible because we have not found any details about it on any Rockstar social network. However, this doesn’t mean there is no hope at all. If PEGI has it announced within its database, then there must be a reason for this. There is no smoke without fire, right? We will try to get in touch with our contact at Rockstar Games UK and see if there are any beans to spill. Until next article, stay strong!

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