Marvel Avengers Academy: New Trailer Reveals The Young Superheroes – Coming Early 2016

Marvel Avengers Academy is a new adventure simulation by TinyCo & Marvel that brings the younger version of Marvel’s superheroes. Actually, we wrote about it in November and got quite a lot of excitement. It’s a humorous take on the early life of the Avengers during their college years. Today we bring to you a new trailer that was released which shows you the stars of the game. In the trailer the Marvel superheroes are taking their photos for their student ID cards.

In the game itself, you get to interfere in the minor and major details of the Avengers’ life by developing their social life through taking them on dates, confronting different groups, taking trips, and even playing sports. Most importantly, helping them discover and improve their superpowers becomes one of the essential aspects of the game.

The things you can do in Marvel Avengers Academy are numerous and range from social activities to amazing adventures, some which may take you an entire week to complete! The game will be a freemium title and thus will include in-app purchases. However, you can earn resources and in-game currency to purchase items and upgrade your heroes and facilities within the academy.

Here is a short list of characters that are described according to the official characters’ description and more will join the list in the future:

  • Captain America – The living legend and natural born leader just might be the only mature person at the Academy, so he’s a perfect fit to lead away missions and serve as Class President. But that doesn’t mean he relates to his classmates. The guys respect him, the girls adore him, and Hydra hates him, but he’s still trying to find his place in this crazy world, and even crazier campus.
  • The Hulk – He’s the ultimate Big Man on Campus, a gentle giant who just happens to be “the strongest there is.” He does his best to learn and fit in, but this Academy wasn’t made for invulnerable behemoths, so his anxiety and frustrations inevitably turn to anger and that’s not good for anyone.
  • Iron Man – Tony Stark is a billionaire. A genius. An inventor. And he’ll be more than happy to tell you about all of his other talents. He’s a charming, self-centered, ladies-man-in-training who wants to save the world, and make sure everyone knows he’s the handsome, ingenious hero who did it.  He brings Stark Tower with him to Avengers Academy so that he can work in his high-tech lab, relax in his high-rise hot tub, and remind everyone that he owns a skyscraper with his name on it.
  • Thor – He’s the literal golden god of Avengers Academy. An impossibly handsome, ridiculously strong, and unbelievably athletic exchange student who thrives on competition and seeks out confrontation. He’s effortlessly popular even though he never seems to really understand his new Midgardian classmates, and ends up causing trouble just as often as he saves the day.
  • Black Widow – She’s on a single-minded mission to uncover the Academy’s secrets, while avoiding her annoying classmates. Unfortunately, she has to trust people and make friends because she’ll need help from her fellow heroes to find what Nick Fury is hiding, and defeat dangerous enemies everywhere from Asgard to right under her feet.

According to official sources, there will be hundreds of Marvel characters coming to Marvel Avengers Academy, each character with his/her own personality, powers, and social life. The game will be released in early 2016 and it is beginning to look like a fun experience we all want to be part of. To demonstrate the awesomeness of this title, check the new trailer below.

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