Snowboard Party 2 – The Mobile Marvel of the Snowboarding Genre

There is only one title that we can refer to you if you are truly a fan of snowboarding games, and that’s Snowboard Party 2 [$1.99]. The game was released around 2 weeks ago for iOS, Android, & Windows devices, and we were skeptical at first. But after playing it for quite a long time we became confident that this is the best game yet in the snowboarding genre – the team at Ratrod Studio should be proud.

It immediately stands out when you play it due to the advanced visuals and detailed environments that make your snowboarding experience feel just a bit too real. Being a sequel to a yet another successful take on the snowboarding course, Snowboard Party 2 comes with better modes, superior graphics, and far complex game mechanics. For example, there is a new time-attack race mode that can be enjoyed in 21 spectacular new locations.

The best part of this game is its online multiplayer mode where you can play against snowboarders in real-time. There are over 150 level objectives to complete and can upgrade your attributes to perform better. Of course, one great thing about the game is that it supports ReplayKit and thus you can enable video recording from settings to record yourself facing off against other online players. But beware, there are professionals out there and you don’t want to go against them unprepared!

To make things even more interesting, Ratrod Studio has added a deep customization system where you can select over 80 outfits that include unique skins such as a zombie, alien, or a pirate outfit. Thanks, we will go for the aliens (big fans). Not only that, your boards can be upgraded as well and 50 boards are available for you to select from, each one with unique specs. There are 16 snowboarders to choose from to represent your inner snowboarder, so we can see that the game is definitely focused on creating a personal experience rather than a shallow one.

Finally, we have no doubt about how good Snowboard Party 2 is. Simply put, this game has no competitors to rival it and we label it as an instabuy title considering that you get much more than what you pay for. You can fully customize the control system so that it fits your comfort and what is even more astonishing, you can add your own music library to play in the background! Truly, we congratulate the developers on a job well done. There are over 50 unique tricks to learn and apply, do you think you can master them all? We can tell you that you will enjoy trying even if you don’t manage to. A wise person once said, ”It is the journey that contains the soul, and the destination that speaks in science.” So get this title and be on a memorable journey, dear readers. You can watch the official trailer for this game below.

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