War Dragons: The Dragon-Themed Title Is Getting A Novel Adaptation

It is no secret that our favourite fictional creature is the Dragon. Heck, our logo is even designed with a dragon on it. They are mysterious and mighty in every way. But let’s get to the real issue at hand. Pocket Gem’s War Dragons [Free] is a visually superb real-time strategy that has been gaining great momentum lately. It allows you to control vicious dragons to destroy your enemies with. To our surprise, this dragon-themed title is getting a novel adaptation, just like Infinity Blade has in the past.

War Dragons‘ upcoming novel will be written by Brian Oliu and edited by Michael Rudin, who has experience in the novel adaptation of video games. The novel’s mock cover page looks wicked and it certainly would attract anyone to get the upcoming novel. 6 guilds from the War Dragons game will be featured in the novel. Any guilds that make it to the top 6 in the upcoming ”The Great Contest” event will be featured in the future novel. This sounds really ambitious and a good move to attract gamers and readers together.

What is phenomenal is that the #1 guild will have its own virtual statue in the game in its honor. This definitely seems like Pocket Gems is stepping up its game in the world of competitive mobile gaming. The Great Contest has begun on December 10th and will finish at the end of this year, so up your game champs and make history. You can watch the official trailer for War Dragons below.

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