Fantastic Plastic Squad: A Toy Story-Themed Third Person Shooter – Out Now

Time does pass unnoticed sometimes. Just now, 3 hours passed while playing the newly released Fantastic Plastic Squad [Free] by DropForge Games and it felt like I was playing for a few minutes only. It is THAT GOOD! Our website is dedicated for games of the highest quality and this title is a perfect match. Fantastic Plastic Squad is a Toy Story themed game where you control Action Figures from the year 1984. The third person shooter delivers unreal graphics quality that we haven’t seen like for a very long time. By all standards, this is a console quality game.

There are hundreds of heroes from three hero factions to choose from: the heroic Cyber Squad, the noble HeroBots, and the enchanting Glamazons. These heroes can be upgraded and fused with other heroes to enhance their abilities. The environment you start playing in is a big room where you can freely explore while completing objectives and destroying enemy monsters unleashed by the evil Dr. Demonocle. What you will enjoy most about the game is the action, which feels so engaging. It really does make you feel like a super hero in action.

The controls are very ergonomic. On the left side there is a virtual joystick which you can walk and run with. On the right side you can swipe the screen to look around and jump by double tapping. Then there are other buttons that allow you to use super powers. Although, you only need to aim at the enemy to initiate auto-shoot. But everything feels like it was designed perfectly. Visually, the game is excellent, especially the shadow effect of the characters as they move about.

Furthermore, not only there is an addictive Campaign mode, but also an awesome PvP Arena, and PvP Event. A quick note, PvP will unlock once you have played a bit into the campaign and it’s recommended to collect enough credit to obtain 3 heroes. According to CEO of Pound Sand, Greg Goodrich, the game delivers all the speed and combat that console players have come to expect from games like Call of Duty. The game has truly exceeded the boundaries with its overall mechanics and supports the SteelSeries Nimbus wireless controller to bring the game even closer to the console-like experience. We highly recommend that you try the game for yourself and within 1 minute of playing the game, you will understand why we loved it. You can watch the raw gameplay footage for this game below.

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