Lifeline: Silent Night – All Is Not Calm, All Is Not Bright

Surely, you are no stranger to the sci-fi adventure, Lifeline – a franchise born last April. It appealed to millions of players with its real-time decision making feature, where you try to save Astronaut Taylor that has crashed on an alien moon. Like any successful franchise, Lifeline was followed by a sequel, Lifeline 2, and now we find ourselves with a third instalment by the name of Lifeline: Silent Night [$2.99].

It is only poetic to name the subtitle ”Silent Night” just around Christmas and in fact, the game will have some Christmas elements within it. The new story for this game is written by Dave Justus, the talented writer for the previous Lifeline titles. His work extends to big titles such as Fables: The Wolf Among Us. So you can be assured that the narrative of this new instalment is just as fascinating as the others. But this time, you will have to save the White Star along with its crew by making life-changing and responsible choices that can also affect the fate of the world.

Lifeline: Silent Night supports Apple Watch so that you can keep up with the real-time notifications as you get in touch with Taylor. Keeping up with his needs and requests is of the essence to get the best out of this thrilling experience. And that is the secret really, to keep you connected with this fictional character as long as possible to make you actually care so that you think twice before making a big decision. If you fancy games of this genre, then Lifeline: Silent Night fits perfectly in your game collection. Let us leave you with a line written in a poem by the legendary poet, Dylan Thomas: Do not go gentle into that good night…

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