”Win A DN Hoodie” Contest – 4 Winners Announced!

By the end of November we were supposed to announce 2 winners of the DN Infernal Darkness Hoodies but two weeks passed and it was not announced. We want to apologize for being late but we were really really busy that we had to postpone it a bit. But to make up for this late announcement, we are giving 4 hoodies instead of 2 as an apology for being late.

There will be 4 hoodies gifted, 1 to each winner. Two hoodies will come in red color and the other two in black. We will take care of the shipping and everything necessary, and all that you have to do is to reply to the email that we sent you. If your name and chosen number is in the list below, then you already received our email and we would be grateful if you can respond to confirm that it’s you so that we can proceed with the process of getting you these awesome hoodies!

Winners were chosen through a lottery-based process. We allowed you to choose from 0 – 5000, but our winning numbers ranged between 300 to 700 and the numbers seen below are the ones drawn. And the winners of the 4 DN Infernal Darkness Hoodies are (dramatic drum roll):

  1. Tom – 323
  2. Jose – 471
  3. Volkan – 504
  4. Maksim – 631

Congratulations to our winners! Please check your emails if your name and number is in the list, and try to reply to our sent email within 10 days because we need to ship them by then. If you want to take a better look at the hoodies, you can click here to check the red hoodie, and click here to check the black hoodie. Hopefully, in the near future we will be giving more prizes, ranging from gift cards to smartphones. Thank you for being a beautiful audience.

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