Modern Combat 5: The Winter Update Is Here – Ho Ho Ho or No No No?

With all the crazy theories going on about the Modern Combat 5 Winter Update, people were suggesting all sorts of things. Even some have said that alien characters will be added into the game, of course, these suggestions were only made by the conspiracy theorists of our mobile community. Nevertheless, let us stick with the facts about update 1.6 which brings a new class, new event, and Christmas goodies.

It is not a very big update but sufficient enough to make us feel the spirit of Christmas. The new Bounty Hunter class collects currency during gameplay but with an armor that burns damage over time. Now you can earn Diamond Dust with every multiplayer kill. There are also new experimental weapons that look amazing. But here comes the bomb! The Bounty Hunter Bundle can be unlocked for $24.99 or 4300 VIP Points. Unlocking it will grant you the Bounty Hunter Class, unlocks the Tier 1 Experimental Weapon SLS-3, and upgrades the first 3 class skills. It sounds like you are getting less than what you are paying for, but it is your decision whether you want to pay for this new content.

In addition, there is a new special event that is a one-shot one-kill Instagib event, which sounds similar to the mode we played in N.O.V.A. 3 if you remember. That’s not all folks, we need to get to the Christmas part now. There is a new Santa armor and for arguments sake lets say that it brings about – the Christmas spirit of things. As you climb the VIP levels you can get the new Paragon armor or go for the new Christmas trinkets and camos. But the thing we really liked about this update is the introduction of the new Santa and Reindeer masks. It does seem that Frames Per Second have increased on most devices with this update, so that is definitely worth mentioning. Stay tuned for more Modern Combat news, warriors! You can watch the teaser trailer for this update below.

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