Gods Of Rome – Gameloft’s Epic Fighting Game (Out Now)

Gameloft brings a game from the world of myth and legend that focuses on epic fighting. Gods of Rome [Free] comes as a fresh title from Gameloft’s Studio. It has only been announced before 2 weeks and has been released today, one can only wonder how long did the game take in the development process. According to Gameloft, the game brings the souls of the most powerful gods to battle, although it is strange that Greek gods are the ones shown in a title about Rome.

The game has an epic story with daily challenges, mysterious prizes, and a PvP combat mode. If we had to choose one thing we loved most about the game, it is the 3D graphics that it packs. You can play the game by tapping and swiping which is not very different from previous titles we have seen like Mortal Kombat X and others. To stand against the darkness, you can summon heroes, gods, monsters, and mythical beings; such as Zeus, Hades, Atlas, Spartacus, Medusa, Vulcan, and many others.

The fighting locations are beautiful and range from mythical places such as Mount Olympus to archaeological sites such as the ruins of Pompeii. The Dark Demon Tenebrous, an ancient evil that has found the dangerous artifact known as the Chaos Vessel. With it he attempts to enslave the greatest warriors on Earth, and only The Ascenders can stand up against this new threat.

Finally, it does feel like an engaging game, especially with the PvP events where you can overcome your opponents, get rewarded for it, upgrade your fighter, and rise in the leaderboard. There are prizes that can be obtained in the game where you can unlock unique warriors and beneficial resources. You will love the artwork done on Gods of Rome, especially seeing such a game with such graphics on a mobile device. You can check the gameplay trailer for this game below.

2 thoughts on “Gods Of Rome – Gameloft’s Epic Fighting Game (Out Now)

  1. Gameloft is cheating with us. They are not updating new version in which player being unresponsive during battle and it cause defaeat in battle. New version is very bad totally bad


  2. This game is an absolute ripoff of Kabams Marvel’s Contest of Champions. Literally every aspect of this game minus the Greek and Egyptian mythology characters/story line is identical to MCoC which came out a year before this total piece of garbage.


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