Ire: Blood Memory – The Next Update Will Bring Massive Changes In Q1 2016

One of the most exciting news we heard this week is that Ire: Blood Memory [Free] is getting massive changes in its next update, which is supposed to be out in Q1 of 2016. If you are unfamiliar with the beautiful and difficult world of Ire: Blood Memory, then check our review of the game by clicking here. When we reviewed the game back in May, we were trying to understand from what brilliant minds did this game originate. So, of course, we interviewed the CEO of Tenbirds Corp., who was kind enough to talk about this interesting game (click here for interview).

If you are a fan of Dark Souls, then you will immediately fall in the love with what this title represents. Having been in touch with our friends at the company, they shared with us the content of the next update and today we want to tell you all about what is coming. The game was meant to get an earlier update but the developers have decided to release a larger update with great improvements and it is not far from now.

Luckily, Tenbirds Corp. has added controller support for those that want to experience a more classic console experience. In terms of game mechanics, major balances were introduced to movement, attack speed of blade, lethal attack cool-down time, increased ballista damage, dodge distance, quest difficulty, and last but not least, currency value has been adjusted at a value of (1Gem ≒ USD 0.1 → 1Gem ≒ USD 0.01).

Furthermore, graphics and performance have been enhanced. Bloom and distortion were enhanced, while texture and size underwent some adjustments. Also, it appears that in-game screen recording has been discontinued. In the upcoming update, we expect to see adjustment within the Item System, where full items will be provided for armor and weapons so that ascension can be possible.
Getting to the most exciting part of the update, we expect to see a new World Map with new quests and rift. A new tutorial for basic gameplay will be added and new weapons class, such as Dual-wield weapons. Now, the Black Market will allow exchange of items with Merchant and the Battle Assist feature will be limited per day, which is better since it’s meant to be a difficult game to play. Moreover, there will be UI Improvements such as inventory structure, ranking display, sell, deconstruct equipment, and action effects. One important thing you might want to do right now is play as much as possible to obtain top tier boss weapons, such as Aker’s Spear, because it will become more difficult to craft after the update.
Finally, we are very excited for this update as we know very well the great work that Tenbirds Corp. is capable of. There are other features that may or may not be added, but they are to be decided for now, such as Raid Mode, Reward Distribution Method, Player Messaging, and Language Support. We will definitely keep you updated regarding any more changes, but if you have not played one of the best and most difficult games on mobile, then you are missing out. You think you are a professional player? Try taking on the massive monsters in the game. You can check the teaser trailer for Ire: Blood Memory below.

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