Modern Combat 6: Within The Fabric of Fact and Fiction – An Extensive Analysis

Then were the memorable days of Modern Combat 3 and Modern Combat 4, a time when we could play with friends and rivals, a time when we mastered the game with our skills rather than our socio-economic status. The Modern Combat instalments 3 through 5 were released on October 2011, December 2012, and July 2014, respectively. This tells us that Modern Combat 6 is not likely to be released within quarter 1 or 2 of 2016. Another reason is that Gameloft has just released the Winter Update and most of the content can be accessible after paying $24.99. They expect the series’ fan base to spend their money on expensive in-app purchases, so it is not strategic to release Modern Combat 6 any time within the first half of 2016.

Based on this speculation, it is possible to see a trailer for the upcoming instalment around May of next year. However, if they finish the game earlier we might see it earlier but they will not release it yet. On October 30, 2015, Gameloft announced that Modern Combat 5, among other titles will be coming to the Apple TV soon. Gameloft would avoid releasing any new Modern Combat titles until months have passed to ensure that the game has been spent on from the highest portion of the Apple TV market.

According to the company’s Q3 Financial Report, its profit increased by a whopping 14%, a spectacular performance attributed to two major reasons: Advertising & Flagship Titles’ Crossover onto Apple TV. First of all, the success of advertising is mostly due to the freemium model that Gameloft has chosen to implement on their games. Second of all, the release of Asphalt and Dungeon Hunter on Apple TV proved to be very profitable. This further supports the idea that Gameloft will at least wait half a year until Modern Combat 5 has flourished and profited on the Apple TV platform.

We can expect Modern Combat 6 to be a Free-to-play game with advertisements. The same report suggests that Gameloft ‘‘aims to accelerate the transition from the current business model to a model combining free-to-play and advertising.” As they put it clearly, it is the most profitable method for them. The previous premium model was not as successful because many players downloaded a pirated version rather than paid. Unfortunately, seven studios were closed by Gameloft in 2015 and many employees were forced to become unemployed. This shows signs that Gameloft was trying to cut expenses due to their loss of approximately $25 million dollars for this year.

If you haven’t been checking the business news, then you are unaware that Gameloft is fighting a battle of its own against a company that is trying to take over its board control, Vivendi. Legally, Vivendi is the largest shareholder at Gameloft, apart from the Guillemot brothers, and is trying to acquire the company. But the Guillemot brothers, founders of Ubisoft and Gameloft, are trying to increase their stakes within Gameloft to keep control of the company. It all seems dim, but the battle is ongoing. ”Yet, how does this affect Modern Combat 6’s release?” you may ask. With all the legal issues going on, the loss of profit, and the unknown beyond; Gameloft wants to ensure that they are getting the most out of every title released and thus you will not see Modern Combat 6 released any time soon, until players get tired of Modern Combat 5. But meanwhile, it is still a popular game, and why wouldn’t it be? It is after all one of the best FPS on mobile.

Finally, what do you predict to come in Modern Combat 6? Let’s start telling you what we think. It will definitely be a freemium game and will include armors, plenty of weapons, camos, trinkets, masks, perks, attachments, and plenty of maps. The same things in Modern Combat 5 will cross over to Modern Combat 6, but with new maps and a new story, but the mechanics will be the same and it will never be like Modern Combat 3 or 4 again. It is simply not profitable for them any more, hence the freemium approach with purchasable items. For how long have players asked and waited for custom matches? A year and a half! The best explanation for this is that when the developers no longer have any content to deliver or the game is dramatically losing players, then will be the time to update it with custom matches, because they know that we will come back in droves for this greatly wanted feature. If you are interested in more pre-game analysis for Modern Combat 6, then you can express your interest by emailing us at and telling us so. Stay tuned for more Modern Combat news. And if interested, you can read more about the Gameloft – Vivendi Controversy by clicking here.

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