Christmas Giveaway – Win A RevolVR Virtual Reality Controller Package!

What is a Christmas without a present? And how can we make it a special present for gamers? These questions had us thinking for a long time and when we saw the gorgeous Virtual Reality controllers made by the revolutionary company, RevolVR; an idea hit us like a lightning bolt. You happen to be mobile gamers so why not do a special giveaway with a VR wireless product that has not entered the market yet? This means the winner of this competition will be able to get this product before everyone else in the world, because it will be officially released in 2016.

These controllers are designed to work perfectly with mobile devices and for mobile games. The package consists of the Dominator controller which is highly ergonomic with high accuracy and has the lowest latency on the market. It’s compatible with Mobile and PC platforms, functions wirelessly, and can be used in multiplayer games. It also comes with the Navigator controller, giving the user the ability to navigate inside Virtual Reality worlds and to interact with user interface menus.

In partnership with RevolVR, we are proud to gift a RevolVR VR Controller Package for free! Shipping and the rest of the procedures will be dealt with, by us and our partners. All you have to do to get this amazing product is to enter our contest by filling a form, which is simple and takes you literally 60 seconds or less! In that form you will be asked to guess a number between 0 and 1000 so we can determine the lucky winner, and the winning number or number closest to the winning number will be contacted and soon after, will receive the special gift. The winner will be announced on this website on December 25th, the perfect day to make our winner happy!

Click here to enter the giveaway contest. If you want to learn more about the products to be gifted, then you can check RevolVR’s website by clicking here. Stay tuned with our website for more future prizes and don’t miss out on this prize, it is absolutely worth getting. You can watch the RevolVR Controller in action below.

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