Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade – Titanic Clash Update 1.2 Enhances Graphics Quality (Out Now)

How did you receive Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade [Free]? Have you been no-lifing it (as gamers would say) or did you delete it after a few minutes of testing? Either way, the new update, dubbed Titanic Clash, might get you even more interested.  With the new chapter called Titanic Clash you get to play 15 more missions as you face off against the mastermind Ork Mek that mounts the Morkanaut unit, a powerful mega-kannon. In total the game now has 136 missions. To make things more interesting, now you can compare stats with your friends and have the option to rename your Knight.

New gear can be acquired at Level 45 with 15 new epic items. Here is the fun part though, there is a new photo mode incorporated where you can zoom and inspect your Knight and share photos of him with friends. By the way, do you remember what caught our attention about this game in the first place? That’s correct, its graphics  – we have rarely seen anything like it. But guess what? With this update, they have even improved graphics and special effects, with weapons now glowing hot, smoke bellowing from your Knight, and impacts & implosions cause confusion.

Finally, based on several reports of bugs and problems, Pixel Toys has rebalanced missions to make the game less challenging while reducing entry  requirement to some of the chapters. Furthermore, a great number of improvements and bug fixes have been implemented to improve the game to become smoother and less laggy. If you are interested in this update, then you can get the game for free. You can check the launch trailer for this game below.

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