Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – The Legendary Title Is Finally Out!

Santa decided to grant us our wish, days before Christmas! Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories [$6.99] is finally out worldwide! We believed that it will be released and we hoped for it, and Santa must have been listening. I guess we were good this year, so we got our wish granted. Anyway, let us talk about the game. This new title has been designed with mobile in mind, as it has shorter missions than the Play Station version. Rockstar decided to improve the graphics for iOS on a whole new level with rebalanced touch controls.

The story revolves around Toni Cipriani, a former trusted guy of the Leone family, who has returned to Liberty City after being in hiding for killing someone. The city is in a state of war, with each family trying to take control of it. Political corruption and organized crime are on the rise while drug trafficking is at its peak. You will play as Toni and try to take control of the city under the Leone family.

Game textures have been reintroduced with high resolution and improved artwork. Real time lighting and shadows have been added with 60 FPS gameplay experienced on devices such as the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and the iPad Pro. The touch controls are very well designed as the previous instalments have been. What is cool about the mobile version is that it supports cross-platform cloud saves via the Rockstar Social Club. And if you happen to have the latest iPhone devices, then you will be able to use 3D Touch for multiple control of the game.

Finally, you can play it with physical controllers as it has been highly wanted by GTA gamers before. If you want to listen to you own custom music playlist, you can create a playlist called ”GTALCS” and then launch the game to select radio station ”Mix Tape.” That’s madly cool! The game will only support the following devices and later: iPhone 5 & 6 Series, iPod Touch 6h generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air/Air 2, iPad Mini 2/3/4, and finally the iPad Pro. Click here to go get it and we wish you happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – The Legendary Title Is Finally Out!

    • It has been slightly improved, but not to the standard of today’s games. It would be too time-consuming for them to remake the game with modern graphics. Still, it is a very good game, and we hope to see GTA 5 in the near future. Thanks for commenting.


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