Minecraft: Pocket Edition – New Holiday Skins With Update 0.13.1

Almost every game has received an update for the holiday season, and Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] has just joined the boat. With the new Skins Pack in latest update, you can dress up for the cold winter. The skin pack is not free to access, but there are some skins (holiday sweaters) that are for free, a good gesture since Christmas is upon us. The pack includes classic skins such as our beloved Santa, his wife, and an elf. With these new skins, the characters look more unique rather than combined blocks, which is interesting to see. But there is much more to this update than you think, its not just about skins.

The Mojang Team introduced Basic Redstone Circuits, along with the Redstone Wire; the first set of Redstone Producers, such as Daylight Sensors, Pressure Plates, Tripwire Hooks, and others; and the first set of Redstone Consumers such as activator rails, note blocks, TNT, Trapdoors, and many more. Furthermore, Desert Temples have been added but Mojang warns you to stay off the roof, you might want to take this warning seriously. Also, now you can keep the zombies out with Acacia, Birch Dark Oak Doors, Jungle, and Spruce.

Finally, if you haven’t checked the Biome Settlers Pack then this is the time to check it as it has new skins from the Desert, Forest, and Tundra. Although, what really matters about this update is that it celebrates the holiday season and keeps us in touch with reality, one would argue. Enjoy the new update, Santa would be proud.

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