Clash of Clans – The Personal Break System & The Reason Server Maintenance Occurred

Strangely enough, today the servers went offline in Clash of Clans [Free]. This all is happening after the Town Hall 11 update has been released. It appears that Supercell has been monitoring the game and discovered some unwanted bugs and problems. They took the servers down to make important changes to the game, especially to the Personal Break System. This system forces players to opt out of Clash of Clans every now and then, so that gamers don’t try to cheat the system and stay online forever. In the past, no one could attack your base if you stay online, and many players abused this trick. But with the new Town Hall 11 update, the Personal Break System was added to let players take a break from the game, in order to get attacked.

So Supercell just increased the time limit of the Personal Break System from 3 hours to 4 hours and it will reset when you are 15 minutes offline without Shield or Guard. Previously it was 30 minutes instead of 15. So this means that every 4 hours the game will force you to logout so that your base can get attacked (as it is an important part of the game), otherwise what is the point of building defenses for your base, right?

To conclude, Clash of Clans allows all players to play 4 hours straight and after that they will force you to logout on a Personal Break. This break will be for 6 minutes long which will make your base vulnerable and give other players a chance to attack you. Because if all players stayed online, then no one can attack one another. In the case that you go offline by yourself for 15 minutes without a Shield or a Guard, the timer will reset and the moment you start playing again you can stay for 4 straight hours without being forced out on a Personal Break. What has changed is, before it required you to stay 30 minutes for the timer to reset but now it is changed to 15. Also, Free Guard when Shield expires has been increased for all Leagues, while Clan War matchmaking parameters have been updated for Town Hall 9 up to Town Hall 11. Some bugs have been fixed as well, such as a bug that could allow you to exceed the maximum limit of donations possible. You can watch a video explanation of the issue below.

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