Pokemon GO – An Insider Look Into The Game’s Augmented Reality Experience!

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we told you that Pokemon GO is one of the most anticipated game of this century. All of you have heard of it and knowing that you are very interested in this game, we will make it our priority. Developed by Niantic and supported by The Pokemon Company & Nintendo, Pokemon GO‘s future is very well secured. We want to thank Niantic’s amazing team for getting back to us after we have reached them. So let us tell you what you probably didn’t know about the game before.

To introduce it, Pokemon GO is an Augmented Reality game that has been in the works for almost two years, and is very similar in concept to that of Ingress [Free], an Augmented Reality game with a Sci-Fi driven story that works with GPS technology. Niantic is the perfect company to develop the game, especially with their experience and success with Ingress.

With Pokemon GO, you will go out into the real world to capture all types of Pokemon. You can battle against other players, trade with them, and even go to gyms! It really does sound like the real deal. It appears that Google will provide support for the game through Google Maps. For the Pokemon fans, don’t worry! All Pokemon characters will look exactly like the ones we know, in design and expression.

No doubt that you must have a lot of questions, such as how would it work in terms of location. Well, the game will be played on a global scale with real-time battles. There is also an asynchronous play mode, where you can play against people who have already passed from your town or your area. It certainly makes the whole world alive with players and battles.

If you are familiar with the Pokemon games, then you know that the moment you walk into the grass, a Pokemon will pop up. But how will it work in the real world? Niantic is working on making it very simple for you, so that when you leave your house you should be able to find a Pokemon within five minutes. On the other hand, rare Pokemon will be rare to find (they are called rare after all). In addition, gyms will be even more rare, but you would want to find gyms to battle and level up your Pokemon.

Different Pokemon will live in different areas around the world. For example, if you are trying to catch a Squirtle, which is a water type, then you would need to go near water areas. If you live in a desert, then you will need to travel to an aqueous region, otherwise the experience wouldn’t be realistic, would it? I just hope I don’t need to get inside a volcano to catch a Magmar! Moreover, rare Pokemon, such as Mewtwo, will exist in extremely rare places and some only in certain regions in the world. But hey, you can trade and get a rare Pokemon just like it was possible during the Game Boy days. On launch day, only the 1st generation Pokemon will be available and the subsequent generations will become available later on.

Niantic confirmed that there will be Pokemon events where battles, trading, and meetings can take place. This certainly sounds like Pokemon GO will become an eSports game! There will also be events where all of the people near you can unite and collaborate on completing an event, such as what you have seen in the trailer where all the people try to beat a powerful Mewtwo. Travelling will be an essential part of the game, so if you think you can catch them while you are relaxing in your house, then think again. There is also the Pokemon GO Plus, a complementary device that can help you detect nearby Pokemon characters by vibrating and flashing. Of course, it’s not mandatory to have the device in order to play the game, but it helps to have it. But if you are interested in getting one, then we will tell you a bit more about it. It comes with a bracelet and is designed to look like a Pokeball. The battery is meant to last for a very long time but is rechargeable. It has a multcolor LED and a button on it.

In the future, instead of using your smartphone, it is possible that games like Ingress and Pokemon GO will be played with other hardware to detect the unseen Pokemon world around you. For example, the Google Glass comes to mind but we have yet to confirm if they will partner with Google for this futuristic move. But we can tell you that it will support Virtual Reality devices or any other devices that the company sees compatible.

Pokemon GO will have social goals and objectives to complete. For example, you might need to go to your local historical sites or central monuments to complete an objective. What Niantic is trying to do is to take you out into the world to discover the world like never before. Furthermore, in their previous game, Ingress, Niantic created teams where you can join one team or the other and compete against each other. In Pokemon GO, the same concept will be introduced but with more teams that you will be able to join.

In terms of story, whether it’s linear or user-created, they are still working on it and thus, we have no answer for that. Of course, there will be a narrative that will keep you interested but whether you shape it or not, is still to be decided. The game will allow you to experience a solo adventure mode, or an open social experience where you can interact with other players.

Finally, Pokemon GO is expected to be a Free-to-play game with in-app purchases and will surely become an eSports game where people go to events to compete. This game will be available for both, iOS & Android and might be soft-launched or globally launched on February 27th, 2016. We know that something big is happening on this day, but we have yet to uncover what it is! There will be upcoming news on how to join the Beta, so stay tuned with our website for more information on Pokemon GO. You can watch the trailer for this game below.


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