Pokemon GO – Who Is Your Starter Pokemon? Vote Now!

This week alone, we have been getting thousands of emails from our amazing audience, asking us to write more about Pokemon GO. Of course, we will always listen to you and that is why we are writing about it today.  While there were many issues, we want to focus today on one dominant issue that most of you have been wondering. Which Pokemon starters are we given to choose from in Pokemon GO? Our speculation will be based on established facts that have been confirmed by Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company.

During the initial release of Pokemon GO, we know that only the first generation Pokemon will be available. And it has been added that you need to battle in order to capture a Pokemon. So this indicates that you will be offered starter Pokemon when you first begin your Pokemon GO adventure. Niantic has also mentioned that Nintendo and The Pokemon Company want to ensure that the upcoming game does not stray from the original Pokemon franchise.

This leaves us with the fact that there will be starter Pokemon, and if they are to be accurate to the classic Pokemon series and games; then we expect to start with Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Of course, it is also highly probable that Pikachu will be available as a starter Pokemon but you see, Pikachu is somewhat of a dilemma. In Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green; he was not available as a starter Pokemon. So whether we can start with him or catch him at a later time, is a mystery for now. But we would love to see Pikachu among the starters.

Now, we have an important question to ask you, who would be your starter Pokemon? And so that all of us, Pokemon fans, get to know more about each other, we will add a poll for you to choose from Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu. While we already have a favorite, we will silently vote for it because we don’t want to tell you here and be biased about it. Share this page with every Pokemon fan you know and let us turn this into a professional study on which Pokemon, from the ones mentioned, is most likely to be chosen as a starter. Stay tuned with our website for more Pokemon GO news and don’t forget to vote below.

10 thoughts on “Pokemon GO – Who Is Your Starter Pokemon? Vote Now!

  1. Squirtle has been my favorite starter ever since I’ve been playing. My first pokemon ever was charmander, but something about squirtle always left me close to it and ending up always choosing it.


    • Great choice Luis! The competition between Squirtle and Pikachu seems to be on a thin line when you check the poll results, with Pikachu ahead of Squirtle by less than a half percent. Maybe more Pokemon Fans will give Squirtle a push to beat Pikachu. It certainly seems like a real Pokemon Battle going on. Thanks for your comment Luis


  2. I think you should put Pikachu into the starter Pokemon cause I think he would be a lot better starter Pokemon than Charmander, Squirttle, or Bulbasauer cause I think it would add more of a variety to the starters than just the regular 3 that are in all the other Pokemon games.


  3. Well they should put as a starter pokemon… all the 4 pokemons, cmon theres people that likes electric or water or fir and even grass type, k?


  4. I’m deciding based on evolution. I like charizard but not the first two evolutions of charmander and charmeleon. I like bulbasaur but not the following two evolutions. As for squirtle. . I like all the following evolutions. Plus blastoise had always been badass. But really it’s a toss up between blastoise and raichu for me. . Kinda hoping they don’t do pikachu right away so the choice is easier. But it would be more exciting for everyone if it was thrown in the starter choice.


    • You might need to restart your progress to fix that. At the moment the best thing to do is tap on the Pokeball icon and go to Settings. On the bottom it says ”Sign Out.” If you sign out, you can log in with a new account rather than the old one. You can choose to log in with a new Google account or a Pokemon Trainer Club. This will let you start all over again and you can choose the Pokemon you want. Although, you will find a squirtle in the game eventually, so if you have played hours then it’s not recommended to restart but if you just started the game, then it seems like a worthy decision. Good luck!


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