Minecraft: Story Mode – A Block and a Hard Place (Episode 4) Out Now

Episode 4 of Minecraft: Story Mode has now been released on mobile and is available for $4.99 if the episode is purchased alone. There is a Multi-pack bundle where you can purchase all the season’s episodes for only $14.99 which is a very good deal if you are interested. The story for this series starts to get real with this episode, A Block and A Hard Place, and the decisions you make will impact the lives of the characters seriously.

With Episode 4, Jesse and friends will continue struggling to stop the Wither Storm and there seems a slim hope in destroying the monster but requires that they travel to the Farlands. Things won’t be easy for them as friends will turn on one another and the price that they have to pay is high in order to get things done. We are trying our best not to spoil anything but to say it plainly, it is going to get ugly, folks.

Something very interesting and strange arises in Episode 4 and that is the awaited epic battle against the Wither Storm. And that leaves us wondering, what will Episode 5 be all about? The fifth and final episode is a mystery yet to be unveiled and we expect it to be released in early 2016. It does feel like this series is going to get a second season, that’s just us speculating, but we sure know that many are hoping for it. Stay tuned with our website for more information on Minecraft: Story Mode. You can watch the trailer for Episode 4 below.

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