The Incorruptibles: Knights of the Realm – A Game That Gives You Control

After having played The Incorruptibles: Knights of the Realm [Free] for a few days, it became clear what this game was all about. The moment you enter the game you notice originality and creativity on another level. That’s because it was developed by the great minds behind the prominent franchises, Age of Empires & Halo Wars. The game is described by Maximum Play as a ”true Real-Time Strategy game” to which on many levels we can confirm. And after discussing this title with a member of the Maximum Play team, he said something that put the game into perspective, ”The Incorruptibles is a game that gives the player control…”  When you compare its game mechanics with other strategy titles, you will see that, indeed, it does.

This strategy game gives you control of your heroes in real-time where you can lead them towards an enemy base or unit to attack. In order to build towers and train units you will need to manage resources and collect loot throughout the game. Upon starting the game you are met with an informative tutorial that gradually teaches you all the basics of the game. One thing you will really like about it is that its battles are epic and fast-paced.

On the online side of things, you can attack other players from around the world and expand your kingdom. To have advantage over others you will need to upgrade your heroes’ abilities with crafting items. You play as The Incorruptibles, a team of heroes battling an evil force, The Corrupted, that are out to destroy the beautiful islands of the Realm. In addition, the experience is very enjoyable, especially with the vibrant graphics of the game.

Finally, The Incorruptibles: Knights of the Realm comes as a fresh title to an App Store that has been releasing games that take autonomy away from the player. Maximum Play has done a wonderful job with the game by incorporating an ergonomic user interface that meets the player’s need for comfort and combat. Another thing worth mentioning is that their promo videos are absolutely creative and funny. To give you a better idea of the game, you can check the game’s trailer and one of their promo videos below.

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