Apple Freezes: The Annual App Store Shutdown (December 22 – December 29)

With the Christmas Holidays upon us, Apple has shut down iTunes until December 29th. This is an Apple tradition and takes place every year. What it mostly means is that no developer can submit a new app or update within these days. You can still download apps and play your games. However, developers can alter their apps’ prices during this period. Although we won’t be seeing any new games or updates coming any time soon, we will still keep this website active, but not as much as before.

We will explore and speculate about games and be here for you to accompany you in your holidays. It has been an interesting year for us and while it was challenging, we enjoyed sharing our news, thoughts, and theories on many issues regarding mobile gaming. We couldn’t ask for a better audience; all of you were amazing in your support, and encouraging with your emails. We thank you for backing us and sticking with us. This is why it makes us happy to stay up day and night to inform you about all the important news that we receive.

Finally, we want you to know how grateful we are to have all of you and while we will be somewhat active, please enjoy the holidays and spend them with your family. We would love nothing more than having you visit us, but do spend your time with the people around you because this week is all about family. For those of you who look forward to read more of our articles, we will keep writing on DN Reviews, and you can also check our other articles at our new mobile magazine, The Mobile Chronicles. You can expect us to be fully active on December 30, 2015. We wish you happy holidays!

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