The 20 Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2016

After we wrote our The Top 15 Mobile Games of 2015 article and thousands have participated in voting for their own favorite titles, we were very motivated to write to you about the most anticipated games of 2016. The list we have for you today is, indeed, a solid one and we believe there will not be much debate about the titles provided. Our choices were based on the following criteria: Franchise Status & Novelty of Content. Franchise Status defines how a franchise is perceived within the gaming community and its previous financial success. Novelty of Content focuses on the originality of the game mechanics, plot, visual style, and user interaction. If other titles didn’t make our list, this doesn’t mean that they are excluded but we can only choose 20 for this list. And to make your voice even louder, we will provide a poll at the bottom of this page for you to vote for your most anticipated title. You can find more information on the majority of titles listed here by searching their names on our website. Without further ado, let us take a glimpse of the future and see the most anticipated games of 2016.


Coming next from Rayark, the makers of Implosion: Never Lose Hope, is the interesting title, Sdorica. From what we have learned so far, it’s not an action RPG like Implosion, but takes a more unique approach. It can be best described as a 2D game with fantasy elements. And since Implosion was crowned as the #1 title of 2015, we expect Sdorica to be a worthy title that will come with a unique artwork style. It certainly raised some eyebrows when it was announced because gamers were wondering what surprises does Rayark’s mysterious title carry for us.


When Disney teamed up with Gameloft and announced Disney’s Magic Kingdoms, we were excited. The concept behind this game is to give the player the possibility of creating his fantasy Disney theme park. The game allows you to start with a vast space and a castle. Then you get to add all the fascinating Disney rides like Haunted Mansion, Tomorrowland, Space Mountain, and California Screamin’. In addition, a story will be present and many Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Buzz Lightyear, Cinderella, and Mickey Mouse face the Disney villains such as Emperor Zurg and Maleficient. The game will be influenced by the Disneyland theme as designed in different parts of the world. The collaboration of the two giant companies on such a fascinating concept has definitely made it one of the most anticipated games of 2016.


Nexon, the Korean global developer, is bringing Durango, a mobile game that takes you back in time to the prehistoric era of dinosaurs. Admittedly, we haven’t seen a lot of decent dinosaur games, and this one looks very promising for so many reasons. Nexon’s ”pioneering open-world MMORPG” is expected to blow your mind with its graphics, gameplay, and gore. This title will pack a multiplayer experience where players from all around the world cooperate together (if they choose to) in order to survive the brutal world of flesh-eating dinosaurs. As a group, you will explore a wild environment, hunt to survive, implement gardening systems, and build a new community from the ashes. Also, it looks like there will be clan warfare where each clan can use their own dinosaurs to attack the other – now that is something.


Albion Online has been announced before 2 years by Sandbox Interactive and recently received much attention for its beautiful artwork, cross-platform experience across 5 platforms, and its MMORPG adventure. The open world game is one of the first to be available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android; where all players using any of these platforms can play with one another. Albion Online is all about sieging, conquering, and defending territories through a deep character customization system with classless combat, a fully player-driven economy, and interesting PvP battles. It can be best compared to the 2001 classic MMORPG by the name of Runescape if you are familiar with it. While it is a promising game on a global scale, its expensive pricing might be an obstacle to some players.


The upcoming 3D Martial Arts MMO, Age of Wushu Dynasty, is a game that will take you on a Chinese cultural journey. It was originally released for PC in 2013 and developed by Snail Games. Not only does this title stand out for its beautiful visuals but the game also promotes Kung Fu lore in the adventurous period of medieval China. This game comes from the makers of Taichi Panda which was a huge success, so we expect Age of Wushu Dynasty to be very promising. The game is set for release for mobile devices in January 2016.


Another mysterious Rayark title that has boggled our minds is Soul of Eden. Its beautiful cinematic trailer did not tell us enough in order to understand what kind of game it will be, but it leaned more towards the fighting – strategy arena. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was a MOBA title but it’s too early to speculate. Nevertheless, Soul of Eden (which has an interesting biblical name) has caught our curiosity and earned a place on our list.


Assassin’s Creed Identity will allow you to fight with swords, assassinate with knives, use social stealth to hide with the crowd, and cower under haystacks if you are about to get caught. All the elements that make up an Assassin’s Creed game will be incorporated into this much awaited game to bring about a genuine AC experience. Ubisoft has rendered the graphics with custom-made HD textures, shaders, and models based on the Assassin’s Creed console title. Although it has been in soft launch since September 2014 and still has not been released, it was suggested that it will be released by the end of 2015. Unfortunately, it seems that Ubisoft has delayed it until 2016 due to changes that the game is undergoing based on the feedback they are getting. Of course, with big companies like Ubisoft they don’t risk releasing a broken game even if that means they have to change their release dates or prolong the soft launch.


After Five Night At Freddy’s 4 came out, Scott Cawthon has announced that there will be no sequel for the series. However, he added that he wants to use the characters to create a different game with an RPG experience. The title sent curiosity and confusion vibes across the internet and it became the talk of the town. It is very clear that the FNAF characters greatly hold a sentimental value to Scott as well as to the fans; and that explains why he wants to use these characters for his next game, FNAF World. The original characters will be revamped into ”adventure characters,” but the collection will include characters from the classic, withered, toy, phantom, and nightmare versions.


From Mi-Clos, the makers of the award winning sci-fi thriller, Out There, comes a turn-based strategy game with a most Machiavellian enthralling plot. With elements from the spy and diplomacy genres; The Sigma Theory takes the thrill even further with its story. This upcoming game takes place in a future time where mankind makes the greatest scientific discovery of all time, ”The Sigma Theory”. This new technological breakthrough can be utilized by a number of scientists and its power is limitless. In a world where governments are competing in technological discoveries & development, you have been positioned as head of the intelligence agency and your mission is to see that world domination comes to pass. How will you choose to utilize the limitless power of this new discovery that allows you to crash the global financial system, obliterate countries from existence, or even gain access to one of mankind’s greatest enigma, immortality?


No one can get bored from the popular interactive titles that Telltale Games have been releasing. Luckily, they are far from over and are working on The Walking Dead: Michonne which is set for release in February 2016. This Telltale Games series will be a stand-alone series composed of only 3 episodes and will be available for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Exploring Michonne will be an interesting approach considering the struggle she has between her humanity and survival. Of course, the prominent series’ fans know by now that Michonne had to cope with loss, regret, and survival on an unimaginable level. These factors will be a driving force in the upcoming mini-series. If anyone did read The Walking Dead’s comic book series then we can tell you that the game’s story will take place between issues #126 & #139. But believe it or not, Michonne’s role will be played by award-winning actress Samira Wiley from the American Comedy-Drama, Orange is the New Black.


No open world puzzle game can appeal better to adventurous gamers than the mysterious title, The Witness. Believe it or not, this title has been much anticipated since 2009. It is being developed by an independent team at Thekla Inc. which includes Jonathan Blow, who is best known for previously making a successful PC game called Braid. After 6 years of uncertainty, for the first time The Witness receives an official release date for PC and PS4, January 26th, 2016. It has been confirmed that the game will be available for the iPad ”some months after that, and other platforms will follow.” Looking at mobile games in general, we can’t find an open world puzzle game where you get to explore an abandoned island through first-person view that has graphics as good as The Witness. If you liked the puzzle game Myst, you will fall in love with The Witness. While the latter is far more superior in its graphics and mechanics, the two titles combine exploration and mystery in their puzzle adventures and it was Myst that has inspired the developers regarding the concept of The Witness.


One of the most prominent MMORPG developer, Jagex Games Studio, decided to bring their RuneScape franchise over to the mobile platform. This studio is well known for their PC game, RuneScape, that was released in 2001. Shockingly, the game has had over 200 million created accounts and is recognized by Guinness World Records to be the world’s largest free MMORPG yet. Now, the developer is working on a new RuneScape game called Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, a Hearthstone competitor & a collectible card game with distinguished features that will be based on theRuneScape universe. RuneScape has been one of the first titles to immensely focus on quests and this is what this upcoming game will feature. Your character will be performing quests before facing an opponent. The fascinating thing is that Chronicle: RuneScape Legends will portray the epic battles in a 3D environment that has been rarely seen on mobile devices for this genre.


Do you remember when Galaxy on Fire was first released to mobile devices? Gamers were simply astounded with the visual charm that has come to a developing platform. These were the days of mobile ascension and identity maturation for the mobile industry. A franchise like Galaxy on Fire played a large role in giving mobile gamers the high expectations for the mobile games of today, and it is with this recognition we chose today’s title, Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore. Now we hear that Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore is coming to mobile devices and you can imagine the excitement, happiness, and surprise that we underwent upon learning of this. The game’s plot will revolve around the far-off Neox Sector, described as ”a lawless fringe area of known space terrorized by ruthless warlords and greedy mercenaries.” You will continue your work as a bounty hunter that will be after the blood-thirsty warlords of Neox Sector. This title is expected to be larger than any game in the company’s previous history and will be a game that will lead in its genre. It will remain true to its Sci-Fi driven shooting & trading theme while unfolding a captivating story to follow and a colossal universe to explore.


There is no doubt that Modern Combat 6 is the most anticipated first person shooter on mobile. Gameloft has released a new Modern Combat instalment year after year due to the franchise’s great success. With Modern Combat 5 losing its appeal and being forsaken by a large portion of its players, Gameloft is expected to release Modern Combat 6 in 2016. While there are no official statements about the much anticipated game, there are many signs revealing that 2016 will be the year for a new Modern Combat game.


Do you remember the 2003 virtual world MMORPG, Second Life? Developed by Linden Lab, the game was a trending success where people entered a virtual world using their own avatars and interacted with other people. This may sound typical, but back then it was something huge, considering the limits of technology. 12 years have passed and to this day the game yet remains the centre of fascination for players, and source of profit for entrepreneurs. Now Linden Lab is preparing for a new online virtual world dubbed Project Sansar. The great thing about Project Sansar is it will be accessible from mobile devices. With a whole new advanced avatar system; you can explore, build, socialize, and even apply a business model to profit from. We are very excited to see what this project turns out to be because Linden Lab is an absolute authority on virtual worlds and what they can create in today’s day and age will be far more superior than Second Life. This title is expected to launch in 2016.


The makers of Infinity Blade have moved onto a new project that will be released for mobile devices and PC in 2016, by the name of SPYJINX. What makes this mystery game even more interesting is that Chair Entertainment will collaborate on its creation with Bad Robot, J. J. Abrams’ production company. Abrams is the co-creator of prominent sci-fi TV series such as Lost, Fringe, and Felicity; and has been the director of celebrated film titles such as Mission Impossible, Star Trek, and Star Wars. So we can strongly say that SPYJINX is being developed by the titans of TV & Gaming Entertainment. The game has been described to be a blend of action-strategy, world-building, & RPG. It definitely takes a lot of elements from different genres which makes it quite a complex experience. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, SPYJINX takes you to a graphically fascinating world of espionage that is filled with thrill and treachery.


Marvel Avengers Academy is a new adventure simulation by TinyCo & Marvel that brings the younger version of Marvel’s superheroes. It’s a humorous take on the early life of the Avengers during their college years. In the game itself, you get to interfere in the minor and major details of the Avengers’ life by developing their social life through taking them on dates, confronting different groups, taking trips, and even playing sports. Most importantly, helping them discover and improve their superpowers becomes one of the essential aspects of the game. The things you can do in Marvel Avengers Academy are numerous and range from social activities to amazing adventures, some which may take you an entire week to complete! The game will be a freemium title and thus will include in-app purchases. However, you can earn resources and in-game currency to purchase items and upgrade your heroes and facilities within the academy. The game will be released in early 2016 and it is beginning to look like a fun experience we all want to be part of.


We weren’t surprised when Telltale Games created interactive series’ about TV shows, but now that we learned of Batman: A Telltale Games Series, we were shocked – in a good way, of course! It’s true, they have announced that they will be making a whole Batman series that explores the persona of Bruce Wayne, the mysterious Billionaire, and his secret identity, Batman. In the series you will learn how complex it is to live a double life, living as a human while trying to protect the city you love as a hero. In collaboration with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, Telltale Games will be releasing this iconic game in 2016. Like other Telltale titles, it will be an episodic game series for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, PS, and Xbox. We are excited to see how Batman will turn out to be. It is of certainty that we will not be disappointed considering all the successful games that they have released throughout the years.


Respawn Entertainment and Nexon have partnered to bring the Titanfall franchise to the mobile platform over several years, starting in 2016. Respawn Entertainment is the developer of Titanfall and Nexon is an unrivalled publishing network with rich Free-to-play experience; two qualities that mattered most for Respawn Entertainment to choose as a partner. Titanfall is a first person shooter that has been praised for its competitive multiplayer experience. You act as a foot soldier ”pilot” that can jump into mechs known as Titans and engage against opponents in fast-paced epic battles. To best describe it, it’s a game that has Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo elements in it.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we told you that Pokemon GO is one of the most anticipated game of this century, let alone the year 2016. Pokemon GO is an Augmented Reality game that has been in the works for almost two years, and is very similar in concept to that of Ingress, an Augmented Reality game with a Sci-Fi driven story that works with GPS technology. Niantic is the perfect company to develop the game, especially with their experience and success with Ingress. With Pokemon GO, you will go out into the real world to capture all types of Pokemon. You can battle against other players, trade with them, and even go to gyms! It really does sound like the real deal. A franchise like Pokemon is not to be taken lightly, and having the experience manifested in the real world lands this title as the most anticipated game of 2016.

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