DN Reviews – A Reflection On 2015 & Vision For 2016

It is finally 2016! Happy New Year to all of you wonderful people and we hope that you enjoyed your time with family, friends, and loved ones. Today, we want to reflect on 2015 and what we have accomplished together so far. Although DN Reviews itself was founded earlier this year, it started to properly and actively operate in mid-2015. So we have been working on it for approximately 5 months in that sense. In these 5 active months, we have managed to partner with many developers and mobile companies, revolutionized mobile gaming news like never before, and have interviewed high-profile guests from successful development companies.

This has all been achieved only due to your support because without you we would not have come this far. But you are all wondering, who are the DN Reviews audience? Who do we write to and address every single day? Today we want to disclose this with you and tell you who are your fellow readers – the people that read the same articles that you read and think what you think. You are all a family even if you haven’t met each other and together we will grow bigger and stronger as a community to promote mobile gaming and introduce the best of ideals within its communities.

According to WordPress’ Annual Report, the DN Reviews audience consists of people from 196 countries! In other words, we have reached every corner in the entire globe. As crazy as this may sound, it is the most beautiful thing to learn. We have managed to unite people from different backgrounds under the banner of this humble website. Moreover, the majority of visitors came from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom & Canada.

You were the ones that made this happen. You believed in our work, appreciated it, and supported it by visiting us and sharing our website with others. On behalf of all the team that contributed to the content of this website, thank you brothers & sisters for being the perfect audience. What we plan for 2016 is even bigger than we thought was possible. We will work closely with more developers to let them know what you want to see in their games. More interviews will follow as we get in touch with creative companies that wish to tell their story about their titles. In addition, more prizes will be given to you more often as a symbol of gratitude for your support. And finally, we are going to expand our team and work on other mobile-related areas such as delivering news about mobile technology, companies, and interesting information at our new mobile magazine, The Mobile Chronicles.

This has been our journey together, dear friends. This is your story and ours that we can tell together to our friends and family. The year of 2016 will be no different, and we will be able to bring to you the best of what mobile gaming news can deliver. Our words cannot express the gratitude we feel right now but we hope that you can understand our emotions. As of now, our audience consists of approximately 120,000 people. Let 2016 be the year where we can expand this family to over 500,000 and unite more people from around the globe. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support and wish you a happy new year.

Note: We have a fun competition below where you have to vote for the date that had the most visitors and the article that was posted on that date. Let us see if the correct answer can be guessed. If the right answer is guessed, we will give 5 prizes to 5 winners. We will inform you of the correct answer next Sunday – January 3rd, 2016. 

7 thoughts on “DN Reviews – A Reflection On 2015 & Vision For 2016

  1. Congratulations DN. You spoke of having good reviews minus the needed fluff. Penetrating the very essence of what true mobile gamers wish to achieve from gaming news and need. Anyone can say anything . Yet you have actually proven it. When I receive a email from DN I stop what I am doing to investigate me and it is just that important. Due to the fact that DN lived up to it’s promise. Well Done. I look forward to your continued excellance in the new year 2016.


  2. I would like to personally thank you guys for the amazing reviews and effort you guys did on thos website. All those hard works does pay off and thank to you guys, I’m able to have a better understanding for apps i don’t know much about. I’ll continue supporting supporting you guys no matter what happens. I truly appreciate your work and I’ll look forward to see more of these reviews on 2016. Happy New Years to you all!!


  3. Thank you so much Darkest Nation for your amazing reviews! You guys never dissapoint. I’m so excited to see what you guys bring us as the new yea 2016 goes by, this year will be great! Thanks!


  4. Simply amazing is all i can describe your excellency on this wonderful and informative website. I truly would like to congratulate you guys for all the amazing reviews you guys were able to do on 2015, it is very helpful to those, like myself, wanting to have a much better understanding of an app we urgly want to know more about. Honestly, all these reviews simply gave me what i wanted. Thank you! Hope to see more of these amazing reviews on 2016. You guys have all my support. Cheers!


  5. Happy New year writers! I will always check the website and what an amazing year looking forward for another great one! You guys sometimes really wrote the best articles out there very informative and actually enjoyable to read!. Hope to see more amazing reviews for 2016!! again Good Luck!!


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