New Website Page – Did You Notice Any Website Changes?

You are probably looking at our website and wondering, ”What changed?!” You know something is not the same, but can’t quite detect this small change at all. But we assure you that it’s actually a massive change to how things will proceed from now on. Starting now, you will begin participating in monthly giveaways’ contests and to make it simpler for you; we made a special page just for this reason! If you look at the website tabs, you will notice a new one by the name of ”Giveaways.” With this new page, we are hoping to be able to give you more prizes every month to express our continuous gratitude for your strong and passionate support. Different types of prizes will be available and can range from gift cards, premium mobile games, exclusive devices, membership access, monetary rewards, and much more. Participating won’t be hard and it literally takes you less than a minute. If selected, you will be announced on the same Giveaways page.

If you recall, in our last article we added a poll and asked you to guess the name of the article that attracted most visitors and the date of the event. We provided five reasonable options but there is only one correct answer. If the poll got the correct answer by January 3rd, we promised five giveaways for this month and since you did guess the correct answer, we are offering five $10 gift cards to five winners. This was the reason we started the Giveaways page in the first place.

The correct answer was Monster Hunter Explore: A Hardcore Social Experience which received the most visitors ever on October 16, 2015. As of now, the poll results show 35.44% for the correct answer so you, ladies & gentlemen, have won! Congratulations. Make sure to head to the new page to participate and get a chance to win your prize. Be sure to share the page with your friends and family so that they can have a shot at winning also. These giveaways will be added every month or less, so you all have a chance to win because we are not ending our giveaways any time soon!

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