Arcane Knight: An Endless Runner With Medieval RPG Elements – Coming Soon

Endless runners; the type of games we choose to play most when we are on a short break or simply want to have fun whenever, wherever. Yet many of those released on mobile lately come with a unique theme that differentiates them from one another. And what interested us today is Arcane Knight, an endless runner where you control a warrior on horseback that is combating enemies before him. Corvus Games seems to have concocted a curiosity-enticing formula that we haven’t seen like before.

The game takes you to forests, canyons, and villages in a medieval world. Yet you will not be enjoying the ride for its sightseeing features but for the mounted combat that you will utilize against invading barbarians that are composed of many types of fighters. For example, you will be attacked by mounted riders, spearman, mages, along with other classifications. Fighting them needs proper strategy because each class of warriors act differently and your reaction depends on who you are trying to take down.

It looks like a new experience in this successful genre and its 3D graphics complement the fantasy world very decently. Corvus Games made sure to leave some room for character development & upgrades. This game has not been given a release date yet but stay tuned with our website for more information. You can check a brief video displaying this game below.

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