Pocket Mortys: A Pokemon Parody Based On Rick & Morty Show – Coming January 14th

The American cable network, Adult Swim, has been running their animated show, Rick and Morty, for over 2 years now with very high ratings. Thus, the network’s gaming division has announced that a Rick and Morty game will be released on January 14th. The game is called Pocket Mortys and is developed in the style of Pokemon. According to Chris Johnston, the senior producer, It will be released as a free game for iOS & Android.

Basically, the show itself is about Rick, an elderly & alcoholic scientist who moved in to live with his daughter Beth and her family. Mostly, he takes his grandson Morty and ventures into dangerous adventures in alternate universes. But the game’s plot is more comedic and revolves around Rick who travels to fight different Morty versions with his own original Morty. In other words, the poor grandson will serve as a Pokemon for this mad old man.

Of course, the concept itself sounds insane but insane can be fun. Just think of Goat Simulator, for instance. If you haven’t played Pokemon on the Game Boy before, then you will get an idea of how it’s like just by playing the short video below.

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