Candy Crush Jelly Saga – The 3rd Instalment For A Successful Franchise

Yes, yes. We know that most of you think that the Candy Crush franchise is overrated, but we need to give it credit because it has successfully appealed to tens of millions of people. Following the grand success of Candy Crush Saga & Candy Crush Soda Saga; Candy Crush Jelly Saga [Free] has come to render this franchise into a trilogy. The creators of this game, King, has been one of the top companies on mobile for quite a while, thanks to their Candy Crush titles. So seeing yet another release for this franchise is only natural and expect to see even more of it in the future.

You will find in this new title the same match-3 styled gameplay with all the known power-ups and Facebook friend challenges. But what makes this one different is a minimal feature regarding the completion of levels. You will have to spread jelly to all the squares instead of getting rid of it. And when you compete against the newly introduced Jelly Queen, the game becomes turn-based as the enemy queen starts spreading her own jelly across the play field.

This new feature is quite interesting and makes the game more fun to play. They have added a proper tutorial to guide you to the new mechanics introduced in this new title. If you have been an addict to the previous Candy Crush titles, then you have no idea how addicted you will become with their latest one. You will enjoy playing over 100 new levels and if you never tried Candy Crush before, then this would be the right one to start with. You can watch the trailer for this new game below.



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