Dungeon Hunter 5 – The Prominent Hack ‘n’ Slash Finally Gets Live CO-OP Update!

At last, Gameloft has brought one of the most wanted feature to Dungeon Hunter 5 [Free], a live co-op mode! The prominent hack n’ slash franchise has been one of the most popular in Gameloft’s history of mobile gaming. With vivid graphics, challenging gameplay, and fascinating campaign; all that was left is a proper co-operative mode to allow us to engage in the action with friends.

With the new co-op mode, Party Hunt, you can come together with up to 3 other players and even replace some with AI warriors instead of waiting for others. This new update comes with a new map called the Ashkan Breeding Grounds, which is interesting to explore. Additionally, the new co-op brings  a weekly quest system where if completed, rewards you with Minion Shards.

On top of that, there is a new feature added called, Minion Crafting System. With this new system, you can use Minion Shards to craft vicious minions and building your Stronghold defenses even stronger! If you complete all quests each week, you will receive a special shard that can summon a 4-star Featured Minion. Also, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, there is a special event called the Temple of Bells where you can earn exclusive rewards, including a Chinese-themed armor, weapon, and trinket.

There is no doubt that this update is one of the biggest and most anticipated since Dungeon Hunter 5 was released. If you are not a fan of this title, now would be a good time to be one. Download the game, level up, and head off with your friends to fight monsters in real-time! You can watch the trailer for this update below.

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