World of Tanks Blitz – Update 2.5 Will Introduce Camouflage!

A much requested feature will be coming to World of Tanks Blitz [Free] in update 2.5. This feature is Camouflage which exists in the PC/Console version. It allows you to improve concealment and gives your tank a wicked look. Four types of camouflage will be available: summer, winter, desert, and universal. Universal camouflage can be applied within all maps in the game. The winter camouflage can be applied in Himmelsdorf , Winter Malinovka, and Dead Rail maps. Desert camouflage can be utilized on maps such as Black Goldville, Desert Sands, and Oasis Palms. While the summer camouflage can be used on the rest of the maps.

The aforementioned camouflage types are divided into national and general types, meaning that each one will look differently on each tank of different nationality. In addition, with camouflage added, your heavy tank will receive 2% concealment bonus, your light & medium tanks will receive 3%, and your tank destroyers will receive 4%. Also, if you have already bought Camo Net, then you will be glad to know that camouflage stacks with it.

Finally, each tank will have three slots for camouflage, each will cost within the range of 500-3000 credits but it comes down to the tier of the vehicle in question. A very good feature included is the ability to sell the camouflage that you didn’t like for full price. Wargaming is definitely redefining the battlefield with each update and the upcoming one is no less significant. Stay tuned with our website for more information on update 2.5.

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