Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes – A Perfect Clone

There have been a lot of Clash of Clans clones that have flooded the mobile store. It’s true that it gets old to see the same thing all over again. But when you look at the soft launched Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes [Free], you find it to be quite a suitable clone. Fieldrunners as a franchise started in 2008 as a tower defense video game for iOS. Today, we wanted to introduce you to the concept that Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes embodies.

The new title shows you a side you haven’t seen before in the Fieldrunners universe. Styled in the Clash of Clans mechanics, the base-building social strategy title fits in properly. With cheerful characters and crazy chickens, it brings about a more adventurous side to the Clash of Clans experience. Interestingly, the developer of this game is Flaregames, not the usual Subatomic Studios. Flaregames is the company behind Dawn of Steel, a fantastic strategy game in its own right.

Typically, you need to manage resources to empower your town’s fortress. There are over 60 solo missions where your goal is to bring down Dr. Catastrophe. Also, with a competitive leaderboard available, you can wage war on players from around the world, steal their loot, and destroy their bases. Currently, the game is soft launched in Canada and we hope to see it go global soon. Stay tuned with our website for more information on this game.

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