The Kabam – Gaea Agreement: Several Kabam Titles Acquired By Gaea Mobile

We are all familiar with the great games that Kabam has been releasing throughout the years. To mention a few: Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North, Arcane Empires, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth, Fast and Furious: Legacy, and MARVEL Contest of Champions. Now you know of Kabam, don’t you? Well, Kabam has recently sold off its classic titles along with its 3rd party publishing business to the Chinese company, Gaea Mobile, for an unrevealed price.

Gaea Mobile is a Beijing-based mobile gaming company that was founded in September 2014. One of its hit titles is Ace of Arenas which garnered more than 30 million downloads. On the other hand, Kabam began as a strategy games development company for Facebook in September 2009 and entered the mobile business in 2011. Ultimately, they ended up selling their Facebook games to RockYou, and further focused into mobile games in April 2015.

Starting mid-2016, Gaea will take operational responsibility for some of the high-profile Kabam titles, such as The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth and Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North. Kabam describes this move as a strategy to focus on its biggest games and an opportunity to create more innovative titles based on movie franchises. Titles such as MARVEL Contest of Champions, Fast and Furious: Legacy, Star Wars: Uprising, and Spirit Lords will continue to be operated by Kabam.

This acquisition shouldn’t affect players in any way, if anything it will bring more players from the Gaea community to play the Kabam titles. All current players’ accounts will remain intact and won’t be lost as the transfer is expected to be seamless. We definitely welcome this move as it unties the hands of Kabam and empowers their potential. For example, if we look at Kabam’s successful title, MARVEL Contest of Champions, we see that it exceeded $100 million in revenue just within the period of seven months.

Finally, it is clear that Kabam is aiming for true innovation within the mobile arena. Because if you look at the games that they have transferred to Gaea Mobile, three have grossed more than $100 million each. And their goal seems to be more focused on quality and originality rather than financial reasons alone. Kabam CEO Kent Wakeford defines Kabam’s vision best, “We want to put the smartest people on the biggest opportunities. Supercell is a great example. It’s about being able to create franchises that last years and years.”

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