Vainglory’s Next Hero – Reim, The Ice Mage

Its been a while since we heard of a new hero coming to Vainglory [Free]. We definitely miss the exciting moments when a hero is announced and today will be no less exciting. Super Evil Megacorp has unveiled a new hero called Reim, The Ice Mage. He is known as Devourer of Grangor and Terror of the Kall Peaks. Around his shoulder, he wears a pelt of a Grangor (the elite warrior group that Glaive belongs to). He holds a staff that can freeze whatever it touches and it is said that once, with the touch of his staff he froze a mighty river. Considering that he is nicknamed ”Devourer of Grangor,” this suggests that there is a rivalry between Reim & Glaive, and it will be interesting to see who performs better on the battlefield.

Let us take a look at his perks:

  • Frostguard – Reim’s heroic perk causes 20-54 (+125% crystal power) bonus crystal damage over 2 seconds and grant 50% of the damage dealt with this effect as fortified health. Reim’s attacks and abilities chill opponents and apply a 60% slow that decays over 0.6 seconds.
  • Winter Spire – Reim summons a spire of ice at a nearby location, dealing crystal damage to surrounding enemies. After a short delay, the spire shatters, dealing heavy crystal damage. 35% of the damage dealt with this ability is gained as fortified health. Damage dealt and fortified health gained is reduced against non-heroes.
  • Chill Winds – Reim deals a burst of crystal damage to all surrounding enemies (25% damage to minions) This ability roots enemies who are chilled, temporarily preventing them from moving. A rooted enemy can still attack.
  • Valkyrie – Reim summons an ancient valkyrie, devastating enemies at the target location. All enemies are slowed, while enemies closer to the center are stunned and take increased damage.

From what we know about him, the tanky old mage seems like a serious force on the battlefield and we look forward to learn more about his background. With the next update, there will be 3 skins introduced. Skaarf and Glaive will get a Tier III skin, while Catherine is getting a limited Winter Season skin. Prehistoric Glaive Tier III looks glorious as the skin brings about Glaive’s fiercest ancestor to the battle wielding a mighty ice-axe. We are also expecting a new map skin for the Halcyon Fold which will cover the whole battlefield in snow! We expect the update to hit us within a week or two, but stay tuned with our website for the latest information. You can watch a gameplay of Reim below.

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