All Is Lost: Foursaken Media’s Sci-Fi Runner – Coming This February

From the makers of Heroes and Castles comes a new sci-fi runner called All Is Lost. Scheduled for release in early February, the game has already grabbed a lot of attention due to its more serious approach in comparison to other titles from its genre. It was designed with an interesting plot in mind. Your role in the game is to help crew members from different space stations that are in danger around the galaxy. From behind a security camera, you can control the doors, crew members, and ending potential hazards that might endanger the crew.

Although we have seen enough auto-runner platformers time and again; this one comes with an attractive game mechanics. Foursaken Media has always been a developer to revolutionize and innovate, so we are glad to see them put their skills into this upcoming runner title. What you will love most about All is Lost is its vivid visuals that the developers have designed to look simple in a complex universe. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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