N Project – Flappy Bird Developer Partners With Japan’s Obokaidem

There is no debate when it comes to Flappy Bird. We all agree that it was a phenomenon of a lifetime. How could such a simple game become so popular all around the world? That is the mystery behind mobile games; they can be so simple and pixelated, yet so loveable. Eventually, the game was removed from the store by the developer Dong Nguyen & Publisher dotGears due to reports of it being too addictive and difficult. During its rise to fame, the game used to make $50,000 profit a day. We were all sad to see Flappy Bird gone, but hundreds of Flappy Bird clones have replaced it in the App Store.

Just recently, it was reported that dotGears has partnered with the popular Japanese company, Obokaidem. This company is best known for its arcade game, Pick-Xell. The news of this partnership is surprising because during the Flappy Bird hype period, Dong Nguyen was approached by many companies offering partnerships but he rejected them all. Obokaidem must have found a way to convince him into a partnership. And it appears that the two companies are working on a new game by the name of ”N Project” and is planned to be released this year.

It is interesting to see what this mystery app will be and whether it will bring the same hype that Flappy Bird has once brought. So far we know that it will be a Ninja-themed game with adorable characters and you can see a screenshot of the game above. Stay tuned with our website for more information on this game.

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