Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – A Solution For The iOS 9 Compatibility Problem

If there is this one game that has made us excited when it was first ported to mobile, it was the fascinating Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The Action RPG was first released to iOS in 2014 and offered both, single-player & multiplayer modes. If you love games where you get to fight against gigantic and scary monsters, then Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is your game of choice. Everything was perfectly fine. But when iOS 9 came about, the game went downhill and stopped working. This resulted in the company removing the game from the App Store until further notice. However, why wait for the company to fix it when others have found alternative ways to sort the problem?

Please note that this solution does require a jailbroken device. This was first mentioned by a very helpful Reddit user, iOSgaming. Apparently, if you install the new Cydia patch by the name of ”iOS9MonsterHunter” then your game will start working on iOS 9! We must add that this tweak does add cheats to the game as well but they can remain disabled. We tested it and it actually fixed the game for iOS 9 and it’s extremely strange that Capcom hasn’t provided a fix for it already when one person managed to find a solution on his own.

Please keep in mind that this fix might not work for everyone but if you are already jailbroken, then there is no harm in testing it. On the other hand, if you are not jailbroken, we highly recommend that you wait for an official fix from Capcom. You can watch the iOS trailer for the game below.

2 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – A Solution For The iOS 9 Compatibility Problem

  1. It’s true my game is working fine, i had my phone “semi-jailbroken” in iOS 8, i updated to 9.1 but still i was able to play, i even uninstalled that thing 2 months ago. Never had a problem with mhfu with my iPhone 5.


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