Implosion: Zero Day – The Road To Reach The Stretch Goals

Finally, after reaching the $400,000 goal for the Implosion: Zero Day Film Kickstarter Campaign, we are excited to announce Rayark’s next goals. The next two stretch goals are meant to reward the backers of the campaign. The first stretch goal is to reach $750,000 and the idea behind it is to give the backers a chance to view the film at a private screening at one of several anime film conventions around the world. And this backer can be you! The second stretch goal is to reach $1 Million and with this goal, Rayark is planning to provide a high quality deluxe download with all the premium features that can be provided. Click here to be redirected to the Kickstarter Campaign page in order to become one of the backers of the project.

The film will have prominent voice actors from Metal Gear Solid V, Naruto, and Bleach. You can check the full list of amazing contributors below:

  • Donna Burke, Singer – Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid V, Magic Girl Lyrical Nanoha
  • John Kurlander, Sound Engineer – Lord of the Rings, WoW, Under the Dog
  • Kevin Penkin, Composer – Under the Dog, DEEMO, Jyuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden
  • Persian Chu, Artist –
  • Stefanie Joosten, Voice Actress – Gekitsui, Do es Deka, Metal Gear Solid V
  • Stephanie Sheh, Voice Actress – Bleach, Naruto, Battle Royale
  • Tommy Ng Kai Chung, Animation Director – Tale of Rebellious Stone
  • Yin Zhen Chu, Creature Mechanical Design – SKY FIRE AIAB presentation

Implosion: Zero Day has inspired so many supporters and backers to the extent that The Senior Software Engineer at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Matt Jen-Yuan Chiang, has endorsed the film. Matt is celebrated for his great work on Big Hero 6, Frozen, Wreck-it Raph, and Zootopia. This film already seems like the biggest successful campaign of 2015/2016 run by a mobile gaming company. And we want to make sure that they reach their stretch goals so that Rayark can be free in bringing the best that technology and creativity offers.

Now, we will get to see one of the best stories ever told come to life on screen. The animated movie will be a prequel to the events recorded in the game, Implosion: Never Lose Hope. This film comes after Implosion: Never Lose Hope has been purchased over 5 million times within approximately half a year only. The game is simply beautiful in every way you can imagine – graphics, story, gameplay, characters, and it just goes on and on. When we reviewed the game, it was actually one of the first games to get a 10/10 score and we chose it as the #1 title of 2015. Now that we have a movie about the game, it is insane.

Since this whole article is about the film, let us tell you more details about it. In the year 2169, the Earth’s population reaches a point beyond sustainability; Geopolitical tensions have increased over thorium-rich deposits, Pollution and Global Warming have rendered natural and renewable energy sources obsolete; and in the face of these apocalyptic repercussions, mankind looks to the heavens for hope. 9 years later, humans explore Quantum Drive Technology in order to find a new Earth that can sustain life. However, it appears that the tests done with this new technology has attracted an unknown enemy to planet Earth.

With three nations remaining on Earth, hope became more distant than it ever was. The conventional weapons used by humans has been ineffective in fighting the new enemy. In the face of these challenges, the Warmech Battle Suit program has been put in place in order to enhance the way humans fight. Yet in 2180, Earth falls and the survivors of the three nations escape to space as their last resort. With humans being alone in space, their chances for survival stands at 0.02% and with an evolving enemy on their tail, things become more and more gloomy.

The animated film will explain a lot of the background story for the game and even expand upon it. Implosion: Zero Day seems like a success already, especially that the campaign has thousands of backers and reached its goal in less than the expected time. We want to share with you the background story for Rayark and its CEO because we found it to be truly inspirational in every meaning of the word. To read about how Rayark’s own story began, you can click here. You can check the trailer for Implosion: Zero Day below.

One thought on “Implosion: Zero Day – The Road To Reach The Stretch Goals

  1. I hope this would reach atleast the first stretch goal, but it might be hard. Pretty sad and annoying that big anime/gaming sites haven’t rly covered this project at all. :S
    Thx for making articles, let’s keep fingers crossed. ^^


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