Soul of Eden: Rayark’s New eSports Game – To Be Unveiled January 27th

Easily titled as one of the most anticipated game of 2016, Soul of Eden has grabbed so much attention in the wake of its mysterious trailer that came out early December, 2015. Although ambiguous, the cinematic teaser trailer was mind-blowing. We guessed that it might be a fighting – strategy game of some sorts, perhaps even a MOBA. The trailer and images suggest that, but there is no information about the genre of the game yet. However, we write to you today with more information that Rayark has shared with us on this interesting title.

You will be extremely surprised to know that Soul of Eden will be an eSports based game. What?! Did we just say eSports? Yes, indeed, we did. Knowing the creativity and innovation that Rayark is capable of, we are more than curious to see this game in action. In fact, a gameplay of this title is planned to be unveiled on January 27, 2016! We will definitely link you to the gameplay on this website when it is available.

Rayark has provided us with fascinating artwork regarding this game, and the characters look very unique, ranging from the world of epic fantasy, to the the world of futuristic sci-fi evolution. This means that the characters in the game will consist of humans, machines, beasts, and even aliens. We look forward to learn more about Soul of Eden on the much awaited date, so fasten your seatbelts gamers, we are in for the ride of our lives. Take a look at the brilliant teaser trailer for this game below.

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