RevolVR Gun, Mouse, & Lightsaber – What Will The Virtual Reality Controllers Support?

RevolVR, the innovative company that is working on virtual reality controllers for Mobile & PC, has shared with us more information on the capabilities of their devices. The design of their devices are very ergonomic and come in the shape of a gun, a mouse, and are working on a new one. This one will surprise you, but they are working on a Star Wars-like lightsaber virtual reality controller.

The devices are expected to be available in late 2016, but you have a chance to win an exclusive RevolVR controller by simply subscribing to their website with your email. Click here to be redirected to the website to subscribe. The winners will be announced on our Giveaways section around the end of January. The information of what the controllers will support is of interest not only to players, but also developers. So let us see what will the RevolVR SDK support as a primary device:

  • RevolVR LED
  • RevolVR Bluetooth
  • Blue or Red Lightsaber
  • AppBlaster
  • Mouse
  • USB/Bluetooth Gamepad

As a secondary device, the RevolVR SDK will support:

  • RevolVR Navigator
  • Keyboard
  • Bluetooth Handsfree
  • Baofeng VR Controller
  • Bluetooth Selfie Shutters
  • Green Lightsaber
  • USB/Bluetooth Gamepad

It sounds like a lot of features that developers can utilize the controllers for if they are interested in supporting these controllers. The controllers definitely look revolutionary and it’s one of the reasons we have become interested in them. Just imagine the possibilities with these virtual reality controllers when it comes to mobile gaming. To give you a demonstration of how amazing the RevolVR Lightsaber functions, watch the video below.

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